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What challenges are you looking for in a position?

Example #1
"When I started looking for a new accounting job, it was important to me that I find a role that offered an opportunity to learn the latest and greatest accounting software. My current organization is very 'old-school' in their systems, and I do not want to fall behind in my technical abilities. I appreciate that you work with the latest software and even recently implemented cloud-based solutions for your clients."
Example #2
"I have been an administrative assistant for some time now, and look forward to stepping into this challenging Executive Assistant opportunity. You will be the most senior executive that I have supported, and I am thrilled to be able to concentrate my time on making your work life easier, streamlining a variety of processes for you, and organizing your day."
Example #3
"Currently, I lead a team of 25 production technicians and general laborers. I have successfully decreased accident rates by nearly 90%, raised employee retention by 35%, and am now ready for the next challenge which includes leading a bigger team. I am ready for the challenges that this management role will offer me."
Example #4
"For the past six years I have worked for a wonderful agency with great clients; however, I now have bigger fish to fry! I would like to take on a larger client base with a more significant marketing budget. I know that your agency will be able to offer this challenge and I look forward to growing my marketing career with you."
Example #5
"The challenge that I am seeking in my next role, which is a challenge that your store will offer me, is a wider range of products and services. Currently, I sell home computers and related accessories, but I have a much wider interest in all things tech. I also love that your company offers tech troubleshooting and repair services. Working for an all-encompassing business like yours would be a dream!"
Example #6
"My territory is strictly the state of California at the moment, and I am seeking a challenge that includes a larger territory. When I saw that this position includes Nevada, Oregon, and Washington - I was thrilled. I am ready for a role like this and cannot wait to show you what I can do."
Example #7
"The fact that your school is larger than my current posting is very enticing to me. I am seeking a larger community where my work makes an even bigger impact. I see in your job description that you are looking for someone who can step into an assistant coach role for the girls' rugby team. That portion of the job excites me as well."
Example #8
"I've been teaching the fourth grade for three years, and I'm interested in challenging myself in terms of classroom management. Everyone knows the seventh grade has the rowdiest and unruliest students, and I want to gain experience with maintaining order and discipline because I'm interested in at-risk youth and may want to be a dean some day."
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