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How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?

This question has been answered 10 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

Often, our work environment holds the possibility for awkward or tense situations. It can be challenging to know how to respond when you have a coworker who is moody, or when your coworker lacks social skills and continuously asks inappropriate questions. The interviewer wants to know that you can keep your cool in situations like these.

ABA Therapist answer example
"I have had my share of awkward situations, and having raised 2 kids, I am no stranger to them! In the workplace, if an uncomfortable situation arises I tend to face the issue head on, but in a tactful way. Sweeping things under the rug rarely helps. I have no problem being open with my team or colleagues if I am not feeling comfortable in a particular situation."
Admin answer example
"I have learned over the years that if something makes me uncomfortable, I better dive right into it. Change and growth happen outside of your comfort zone. I embrace this!"
Basic answer example
"I have had my share of awkward situations and having raised two kids, I am no stranger to them! In the workplace, if an uncomfortable situation arises I tend to face the issue head-on, but tactfully. Sweeping things under the rug rarely helps. I have no problem being open with my team or colleagues if I am not feeling comfortable in a particular situation."
Home Health Aide answer example
"If you have ever faced an uncomfortable situation, on the job, be sure to tell the interviewer a bit about it and focus primarily on how you resolved the issues. Be careful to avoid any negative comments about a patient or previous employer. You can keep your answer simple so long as you focus on showing the interviewer that you are capable in uncomfortable situations. "
Manager answer example
"Uncomfortable situations do not weigh on me. I have learned how to face my problems and persevere, and I never take my feelings home with me. I encourage this mentality with my team as well."
Marketing answer example
"I try to avoid conflict, but I have a high tolerance for discomfort. I've learned to try to let the people in question sort it out, but have no problem rolling up my sleeves and diving in to help mediate the problem."
Sales answer example
"As ridiculous as this sounds, I am comfortable in awkward situations because I've had decades of awkward family dinner parties when one side didn't get along well with the other! I've learned to be the go-between who smoothes things out while finding common ground where all parties can agree. While the foundations are odd, this has proven a beneficial skill in the workplace."
Superintendent answer example
"I am very comfortable with the requirements of my role as a school superintendent. If I were to be asked to perform a task that I am uncomfortable with, I would brainstorm ways to tailor the task to make it more do-able. If I felt the task should be delegated to someone more appropriate, I would take that step."
Teacher answer example
"Uncomfortable situations don't phase me. It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable, and I just roll with whatever awkward thing is happening and try to either make it normalized, especially in the case of a student, change the conversation, or address the root of the awkwardness. It's all part of the gig."
TSA Screener answer example
"Think about people situations that are not deal breakers for the TSA Screener role that make you uncomfortable. You might share: - Witnessing your co-workers not taking their job seriously. TSA Screeners must be focused and attentive on the job, or there could be a very serious mishap. - Having to mingle at a large party. I do better speaking with people who are right in front of me when I know exactly what to talk about. - Giving a speech in front of a large group of people. - Being a passenger in a vehicle that is going way too fast - Not knowing what to expect...or surprises! - Being the center of attention Simply share 1-2 things that make you uncomfortable!"

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How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?
Working in the barracks would often put me in the situation where female occupants would answer their doors in various stages of undress. I always had a command escort with me and would always inform my supervisor when these incidents would occur.
Its healthy environment and relationship between students and teachers.
I don't think so ya there are few but I won't feel uncomfort with that I will adjuise my self.
When I cant satisfy my students.
Corruption in everyfield make me uncomfortable most besides this lier people also does not like by me.
Interferer my personal life.
Tension in the workplace.
Being in a situation that can being viewed as inapropiate.
Seeing someone mistreated.
The only thing that can make me uncomfortable is the idea that someone is willing to threaten the lives of other people. These are situations and conditions that I must be smart and safe not to do anything that will get them hurt. I must address the situation accordingly.
Nothing makes me uncomfortable. I am very positive and confident and therefore it's hard to make me feel uncomfortable.
Having to give a public speech.
I'm not uncomfortable in situations dealing with stress or quick thinking.
Being in a situation I have no control over.
I get uncomfortable when there is an employee that is not satisfied with their position. Often times, if they have an issue, chances are it is with another employee. Often times, we just have to listen and be that voice of reason they are needing to hear.
Dirty socks and underwear.
Confrontation, but I've gotten better at dealing with it since there is quite a bit of it at my previous employment.
Nothing much, can work and get along easy working with others.
When co-workers would rather do something wrong than ask for help because someone could get hurt.
What makes me unconfortable is knowing that there is people outthere trying to cause harm to others.
I am not comfortable when I do not have control of my life.
Not being trained for the job.
Confrontation, co-workers that do not try to do a good job.
Children in a bad situation as they have no control of what they are forced to do.
Hatred and fear of differences I think that we are all equal and when people are closed minded it makes everyone uncomfortable.
I think the one thing that would make me uncomfortable is if a person was to flirt or become comfrontational, I have learned overtime to handle such situations.
Not getting assignments done on time. Thats why I strive to get everything done on time.
What makes me uncomfortable is people who are negative.
I like to follow procedures and safety rules, and what would make me uncomfortable is someone on the team not caring about it, it could jeopardize the whole process, especially in this kind of job that we don’t have space for mistakes. Team is like a machine if any part is not working properly something bigger is going to happen, that would make me very uncomfortable for sure and I would have to deal with it following procedures.
Unnecessary or personal conflict.
Not much I'm pretty easy going person.
Extremely disruptive people.
I'm not a big fan of being tested, like our APRs. When they come, I'm usually happier to get them complete as soon as possible rather that waiting and having them hanging over you.
Outright cruelty toward another living being makes me uncomfortable. However, I will do what I can to intervene and enlist the help of others to help.
When pre-judgment is made about a person without hearing two side of the situation.
Having proper training and knowing my good and doing it effectively.
Seeing things done incorrectly.
Socially awkward scenarios.
Seein someone treated bad and seeing no one do anything about it.
It makes me uncomfortable to not be busy.
Bullying, or any sort of illicit activities. I like to step in when its appropriate and solve any issues I see, or if necessary report that kind of thing to the authorities.
When people harass you and criticize you.
Not feeling credible for a task. Therefore, I do my research and ask a lot of questions to ensure that when a task is handed to me, I know what to do.
When my personal safety is at risk.
Those who do not wish to expand the knowledge they can learn. I find it very uncomfortable that any person would want to stop gaining more knowledge.
Getting a bad gut feeling about somehting.
Is unknown of danger in travel. But what does make me comfortable I knowing I can prevent those potential dangers.
Not to much makes me uncomfortable except if I'm giving a speech to a very large group of people.
Not knowing can be one of the most uncomfortable you need to research and find answers to maintain control to keep comfort level.
Leaving my children for long periods of time.
A team that is not functioning properly. It could be because a line is not set up properly and is causing chaos and confusion. It could be be a training issue, where one individual does not understand their mission, and other have to carry the weight. It could be equipment malfunctions. This all adds stress to the working crew, until the problem is identified and resolved.
From my experience seeing someone miss treated for no reason.
The one thing that I know makes me uncomfortable is doing something that is against my morals or values.
Co-workers bad-mouthing company policy, especially in the company of customers/passengers.
People breaking the law It makes me uncomfortable because they know that are breaking the law and they still do it and also makes me angry.
People who say or do mean things to each other.
Disagreements with family, friends, or people I am close to.
Being insulted and threatened. And being in high pressured environments.
Knowing that there are people out there who want to cause harm to others. Also, the fact that there have been instances where people hijack aircraft.
Not being prepared for a job.
Being around a person who does not know what he or she wants in life and tries to down or discourage other people.
Working with someone who isnt doing the job for the right reasons.
When somebody talks about something that he does not know.
Teammates who don't give their all.
When people dont want to accept my help.
Being confronted about school issues outside of the district boundaries. I feel it is vital to keep discussions about confidential matters confined within the buildings and among the personnel. I may be uncomfortable with approached in an outside setting, but I simply remind the person that it would be more appropriate to speak with me at my office.
I am uncomfortable when communication is not effective. I appreciate knowing that I understand the needs of my staff and the direction of the board of education.
I am uncomfortable with dishonesty. I know everyone does not have to be friends in a work environment. What I expect is that we will be respectful, professional and honest. If there is an issue, we will face it, discuss it and resolve it. Sitting in the staff lounge or at a local restaurant and complaining about a situation behind another's back is not productive and causes mistrust. Mistrust breeds unrest in the work place.
People who are constantly looking for personal gain.
I've always had to fight for everything that I have received. I learned that trait from both of my parents. I grew up in a house that was quite poor. ! thing that makes me uncomfortable is when I see people wasting opportunities that have been setup for them to succeed. I run pretty even keel, but those are the types of situations where I have a direct conversation to the student or the parent. Somebody there is not stepping up.
Every crises makes a human being uncomfortable. But over come o these crises makes man perfect.
Carelessness by colleagues.
I havent crossed anything that makes me you comfortable.
When I get confused with a procedure at the rush time.
Sometimes when lady donors find themselves uncomfortable during aphaeresis procedure.
When something is not getting in my mind and I am so much confused.

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