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Are you capable of handling disputes in a professional manner? How do you respond to customer complaints?

9 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

If you are interviewing for a customer or client facing role, you must show off your conflict management abilities. The interviewer wants to know that you are capable of handling uncomfortable situations while nurturing valued client relationships and still keeping the company's best interests in mind. Give an example of a time you successfully resolved a customer-related issue.

Are you capable of handling disputes in a professional manner? How do you respond to customer complaints?

"I can always handle disputes professionally. In a call center, you have to learn to put yourself in the customer's shoes and recognize that you are not personally responsible for the problem. Once I separate emotions from the situation, I can speak calmly and clearly over the phone."


"Last week, a customer called me very angry regarding a glitch in one of our software products. I listened and told them I would be happy to help. I asked more questions to understand the problem and then suggested once I had a better idea of what might solve it. The customer was very relieved and grateful that I took the time to listen and make sense of the issue. I was able to de-escalate the issue very quickly. I believe that most customer complaints come to a resolution through a gentle and collaborative approach."

Customer Representative

"You need to show the interviewer or recruiter that you're capable of fixing sticky situations. Your ability to successfully handle difficult customers will give you an edge. Explain how you'd handle such situations and relate it to your past experiences. Here is an interview answer example: "At my previous job as a call agent, I had handled a lot of impatient and frustrated customers. One of the important things I learned is that showing empathy to the customer's situation does wonders. Having the right and positive attitude goes a long way in calming down customers and keeping them satisfied with the service I've provided."

Kitchen Manager

"Last week, a customer called me very angry regarding the poor experience they had at my restaurant. I listened and told them I would be happy to help. I asked more questions to understand the problem and then offered a suggestion once I had a better idea of what might solve it. The customer was very relieved and grateful that I took the time to listen and make sense of the issue. I was able to deescalate the issue very quickly. I believe that most customer complaints can be easily solved through a gentle and collaborative approach."


"I'm capable of handling disputes professionally and have plenty of years of experience, from my jobs in the service industry to sales, and marketing. Though I no longer work directly with customers often, I do see the complaints when a marketing campaign didn't live up to their expectations, or we didn't deliver on a deadline. I believe customer service to be of the utmost importance and pride myself on understanding the situation and always going above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy."


"While it's important to keep customers happy, giving in to a complaint that could later be detrimental to the company you work for isn't right either. Show the interviewer that you can be firm but still accommodating with this response: "What I do is I listen attentively to the customer's complaint and reassure them that the company will look into it. At my level, I cannot confirm resolution of the problem but I can let the customer feel that his concerns will be addressed promptly."


"I handle customer complaints with extreme care! Customers and clients are the lifeblood of any retail business, so it is important to hear them by empathizing, understanding and initiative to resolve the issues they bring to you."


"Unfortunately, customer complaints happen all too often, but that's part of the job. One instance that comes to mind is when we were expected to update a feature set for a particular client. We missed the deadline. I called the client to let him know that we would have an in-between solution, but his ideal deadline was not feasible. Understandably, he was pretty livid. By demonstrating active listening, legitimizing his concerns, and assuring him of a more realistic timeline, as echoed by the stakeholders in the project, I was able to calm him down."


"I'm comfortable handling parental complaints when they occasionally happen. I know, as a parent myself, that almost any concern or complaint stems from looking out for what they believe the best interest of their child to be, and I can certainly empathize with that. I approach all complaints or concerns with delicacy and an open heart and make sure they feel heard and understood. By doing so, we can always find a better path forward together."

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Are you capable of handling disputes in a professional manner? How do you respond to customer complaints?
I try my best to resolve the problem and make the customer happy. If I am unsure if what I think I should do, I would check with the manager first.
I make sure to remain calm and continue giving eye contact to keep the customer calm. I do what I can to keep the situation under control. If it seems to be getting out of hand, I get the manager.
I see what can I figure out there complaints are. If is neccessary I will get the manager and learn from the situation.
I identify the problem the customer is having and figure out a solution for the problem or complaint.
I will apologize if I did something wrong and then refer the customer to whoever is in charge.
First take ownership and apologize for the unpleasant experience. Then take it up the chain. Report to my manager if needed.
I will resolve the issue the best I can to make the customer happy because the customer is always right.
I have no previous experience, but I would first try to deal with the complaint by helping resolve the issue, and if it is a major complaint then I would report it immediately to the manager.
"kill them with kindness" and the customer is always right, make sure they leave with a smile and want to give us another try.
I respond in a friendly way to the customer, and will later pass the complaint along to my manager.
You try to reason with them and if the problem persists, you get the manager.
I address them in a positive way and make sure that the customer is happy in the end the customer is always right.
I try to provide to the best of my abilities great customer service and help when I can.
Try to resolve on own and then engage management if unsuccessful.
Very well just try to come up with a solution to the problem in a way that the customer is happy.
I tell the manager.
Make sure the customer gets exactly what they want, when they want it. If that happens, there is absolutely no reason for someone to complain.
I would listen to what the customer has to say, and try to fix it if I can if not I would get a manager.
The customer is away right so professional and politely.
Handle it in a nice way and try to slove there problem.
I try and make the customer feel we are dealing with his concern if I cant then I would get the manager.
With a smile and to remember that regaurdless if the costumer is right or wrong to listen and comply with the costomers requests.
Never been in that situation.
I would first try to see what is wrong and then I would ask a manager to help.
I would do everything in my power to correct the issue. I hate feeling like I have disappointed some one.
Apologize and try to assist the customer in fixing the problem.
I apologize for the inconvenience and try find a solution.
Empathize with them and assure them that the problem will be dealt with as quickly as possible. If they are unsatisfied, request permission from management to give them a coupon for their next visit or, if the situation is bad enough ask to provide them a discount on their tab.
I will do everything I can to get them satisfied. I will find the problem and fix it right away.
Listen to them with respect and ask them how I can fix the problem.
I would try to solve the problem and if that don'y go well I will discuss the issue with the manager.
Try to resolve the problem and get the manager if necessary.
I make sure to fix them if possible and report them to whoever is responsible and/or my supervisor.
I take it as constructive criticism and try to fix the problems to make the service better.
Yes. I am available whenever I am needed. I'm pretty independent. I'm not big on having to depends on others. I'm very hands on and like to do things on my own.
It is a very nice restaraunt. It's definitely not your average fast food. It is casual yet fancy. I've never left an Applebee's being upset about the service.
I love the chicken alfredo!
Apologize, listen to their complaint and try to make it right.
Applebee's makes me feel like I'm at home when I walk in. Everyone is always so happy and I always see a smile on someone's face and I want to be a part of that. My strong points are that I always look at the positive side of things rather than the negatives. I am friendly and I love helping people.
I try my best to solve the problem and make the customer happy. If I have a problem I would check with a manager.
When they gave me a burnt meal.
Yes, I would be happy to.
Calmly listen to the complaint, apologize and lay out the resolutions that I can offer or offer to get the manager involved if I can not fulfill the adjoining request.
Depending on the complaints I will do my best to seewhat the customer wantsme to do and if I can handle the situation great and if a manager is needed I will gp seek help.
I plan on becoming a strong and vital team player, and will have a lengthy career in the company and move up with any career advancement opportunities that may arise.
Grab a manager or try to solve the problem myself.
It was for my grandma's birthday party, and I had ordered the chicken fingers, and I was luckily sitting next to my cousin and he had ordered the rack of ribs. He let me try one and I was in heaven. The food was delicious, and it was pretty cool being a large enough party to need the big round booth in the back corner.
Mr and Mrs Palmer opened the Restaurant originally called TJ Applebees in 1980, and had opened 100 restaurants inside a decade and they've grown to over 2,000 restaurants in over a dozen countries.
Applebees and Friendly's.
I listen to them first, apologize sincerely, and ask what I can do to solve the situation to make them happy. Whether it be offering them something free next time they visit, or following their order until they are satisfied.
Yes I have. It's a family favorite, even with my 4 year old. The atmosphere is great, the food is always delicious, the servers are attentive without suffocating.
I would assusre the customer that the problem would be resolved in a timely matter to his satifsfactopm.
Tell them I will handle the situation as quickly and orderly as possible.
Hmm I'd say I'd try to speak with the customer and think of ways to resolve the issue.
Yes, I would would help the customer in a calm professional manner.
Yes I can. I just simply apologize for the issue and then try and solve the problem to the best of my ability.
Yes, I would politely tell them that they can file complaints through our website or calling customer service.
Yes I am no one to loose my temper easily at all actually so I would do whatever it takes to make sure customer is heard and leaves satisfied.
You can try and help them the best you can or offer to talk to the manager.
Yes I can. I would ask them what the problem is in a calm voice and try to find a reasonable way to resolve the problem.
Yes, I have dealt with complaints before.
Yes, I would try to solve the problem to the best of my abilities and if that didn't work I would ask the manager and see if there's anything else we could do.
Yes, of course, I would take it as something I need to work better on, or improve.
Yes, I believe that if I'm able to remain calm and am able to keep a logical and professional mindset I would be able to. It's important to take a customer's complaint seriously and it should always be taken into consideration as I do my job.
Yes even when things get complicated with a customer, the best way to handle that is in a calm and polite manner.
I do my best to accommodate the guest, but if they are still unhappy I would bring them to a manager.
Apologize and find out what I can do to fix the situation.
I will take note of them and try to help to the best of my ability, if need get a manager.
I will listen to their complaints, ask them questions, and then see what I can do from there. If I am not able to help, I will go to a manager.
Handle them nicely and try to fix them.
First, recognize that their complaint is valid. Secondly, tell them that you will tell the complaint to the manager and get it sorted out.
I try to keep nice and listen to the customer. I would apologize and tell them ill let someone know and it wont happen again.
I try to keep nice and listen to the customer. I would apologize and tell them ill let someone know and it wont happen again.
I handle them very well because usually I place myself in there shoes to understand were they are coming from and I try to handle them peacefully to make sure they will return.
First I let them finish because the second they get interrupted it only makes it worse and I would call over the manager and explain the sitation.
I tend not to take them negatively to the point were it has negative effect, I take it as ways I can improve.
I always apologize and ask what they would like in return for a satisfied customer.
I acknowledge their complaint and see if there is a way I can learn from that complaint and fix it for the future. It all depends on the complaint.
Try to handle it myself remain calm even if the customerisn't If I cant do anythingelse.. Get the manager.
I listen, I then apologize, try to resolve the situation and thank them for allowing me to make it right.
Listen to them, see what I can do to acomidate them in any way, and if I can not see if I can get the manager to pull some strings.
First, be calm and make sure you listen to the angry customers complaint. Usually, they may have a valid complaint. Listen and show empathy for their complaint, listen, knod your head to assure customer you are listening and getting what they are saying. Then you would tell the customer you apologize for the inconvenience and you understand they are upset. Tell customer you will try and look into the problem and see if you can correct the situation.
I try to calm them down and put a smile on their face.
Try to resolve them myself, if I can't them I would get the manager.
Apologize sincerely and ask what I can do to help the situation.
Thank them and invite them back.
I address the customer as polite as possible and speak to the manager about the situation.
Listen, Apologize, Solve and Thank ( LAST). The guest is always right.
I ask what I can do to make it better and get it done as quickly as possible.
Every case is individual and as a manager one must not make any assumptions or conclusions. There are always three side to a story. Version A; version B and the truth.
I listen to the guest and try to solve the issue. If the guest is still un.
I remain calm, I'm very respectful, and I like to end the situation with the customer satisfied.
I always treat guests with respect and listen to their complaints and make sure they are treated right, and leave happy so they will come back.
Positively, I would use it to strengthen whatever aspect I failed in.
I would do my best to help them with their needs as best as I can to try to make them happy because for me, every customer should be satisfied and happy their time here.
Normally when a guest complains I would put all my effort into resolving it. When I was a hostess at Gen I would just show the guest the waiting list if they were complaining about the wait time. I would calmly and politely inform them their status if they still complain I have no choice but to let my manager know.
I acknowledge and try to understand the problem. Then I stay calm while I get a supervisor if need be.
Apologize to the customer and ask them what can I do to assist with the problem and find a solution.
Try to handle it myself remain calm even if the customer isn't If I cant do anything else.. Get the manager.
Appologize. Even if the mistake is not mine I always apologize and ask if there is anything I can personally do to fix the problem at hand. Always make them leave happy =)
I acknowledge and try to understand the problem. Then I stay calm while I get a supervisor if need be.

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