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At Auburn University we want students who have a true passion for veterinary medicine. What appeals to you most, about working in the field of veterinary sciences?
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The interviewers would like to understand what drives your pursuit of a career in the field of veterinary medicine. Your core passion is what will keep you going on the toughest of days at Auburn University. For the interviewers to understand how to motivate you, they need to know what fires you up!

It is okay to share a personal story when answering this question. Perhaps you can discuss what initiated your interested in attending veterinary school to begin with. Whatever drives you, make sure the interviewers can feel your passion!

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It is important that Auburn University exercises great discernment when choosing applicants. What is your plan if you are not accepted into veterinary school this year?
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How to Answer
The interviewers want to know that you have thought out all options, and scenarios, in the event that you are not accepted to Auburn University.

The way that you answer this question will also show the interviewers that you have an interest in veterinary studies that goes deeper than your acceptance into their school.

If you are not accepted, show that you will then take a different path into Veterinary Pharmaceutical Sales, or Military Dog Care, for instance.

Or, you can let the interviewers know that one rejection won't stop you at all! Talk about your plan to reapply, if rejected.

Whatever the path you would choose, it's important you show the interviewers that you have confidence, and drive. It'll take more than one rejection to keep you down!

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In your opinion, what is the most concerning issue facing veterinarian sciences, today?
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Being an aspiring veterinarian means that you need to take a keen interest in current events by closely following the challenges this industry faces. The interviewers want to see that your interest is deep and that you spend time learning, and understanding, the challenges you will face in your future career as a veterinarian.

Discuss what you feel to be a primary concerning issue, and be sure to ask the interviewers what they personally see as the most concerning issue in the field today. This is an opportunity to start a very insightful conversation.

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Veterinary school is expensive. Have you made a solid financial plan for tuition costs at Auburn University, and beyond?
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How to Answer
The interviewers want to be assured that you will be able to afford the tuition associated with Auburn University. Veterinary school is an investment and you need to be sure that you can handle the financial requirements associated with your acceptance. Keep your answer brief, and to the point. Simply let the interviewers know that you have a solid financial plan for your medical schooling.

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Tell us about your overall academic performance, so far. Where have you excelled, and where could you improve?
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How to Answer
The interviewers want to know how your undergraduate program has prepared you for attending veterinary school at Auburn University. Discuss what interested you the most, and where you had the biggest challenges. While attending undergraduate studies, you likely learned some core skills that would be transferable to your time at Auburn University.

Think about what you learned:

- Time Management
- Creative Thinking
- Proposal Writing
- Public Speaking
- Presentation Building
- Independent Learning
- Academic Research
- Self-Motivation

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