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What are some of your weaknesses?
User Submitted Interview Answers
One of my weaknesses is that I sometimes become to focused on one task but I have learned to multi task and do them all to do the best of my ability.
I can be somewhat of a procrastinator when I feel too overwhelmed.
I am extremely interested in technology.
I am a perfectionist so I tend to take a little more time constantly checking things however I always meet a deadline.
Setting a goal and not meeting my expectations.
There are no weaknesses I can think of as of right now. But if there are weaknesses that present themselves, I always look for ways to improve and turn them into strengths. One of my weaknesses used to be communicating with people because I was shy or scared of what they might think of my responses. In return, I learned customers or coworkers do not judge others as much as I thought and that by me holding back was only hindering my improvements in my work environment. Therefore, I learned to be open and honest in order to communicate better and be positive and encouraging about communicating.
My only weakness is that I have been known to take on too many responsibilities myself because I feel that I need to ensure the task can be completed to my standards.
I can become prideful of myself at times but my pride makes me a confident worker.
One of my weaknesses is taking on too many tasks at once. I have a tendency to do this with my schoolwork as well.
I would say confidence is one of my weaknesses.