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Why should we not hire you?
The interviewer is hoping to hear that there is no reason to not hire you! Simply tell the interviewer that you would be a great employee, and confidently share that there is no reason to not hire you! You might wrap it up by sharing that you are customer focused, have a proven employment record, and you really love Starbucks!

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we not hire you?
I can see no reason. In my opinion, my experience and quick learning skills set me apart from the other candidates.
I can see no reason.
There are no any reason, beacause I am hrd workingman, dedicated worekr.
I am a strong, hard and dedicate worker and this would make me a better candidate then others.
I have never worked in retail before. I have been working with food for the past 4 years. My knowledge on retail is at a very minimum. But working with food has given me excellent customer service skills. Using the customer service skills I have gained while working in food, I can use that by learning what it is like working in retail and putting my hardest work into it.
I have no reason to not hire me. I am loyal and enjoy working. I also like to work with the public and help resolve customer issues so I would benefit your company.
I am reliable, honest and a hard worker.
I am a full time student so I do have other priorities.
Because you guys will be losing out on a hard working that will get the job the done.
There is no reason you should not hire me.