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If you found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot, what would you do?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Menards interview

How to Answer

You would turn the money in at the member service desk or to a store manager! The interviewer needs to hear that you are honest and ethical. In this situation, the best thing to do is to turn the money in, and it is what the interviewer expects to hear from you. Be sure to mention that the person who dropped the money may desperately need that $20 today, and turning it in will give them a better chance of finding the money.

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If you found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot, what would you do?
Turn it in to management no amount of money is worth losing my job.
I would immediately bring it to customer service incase if the customer will go there looking for her money.
I would bring it to customer service in case the customer would want to look for her money and claim it.
Take it to a manager or guest service desk.
I would take it into the store and give it to the customer service desk and let them handle it from there.
I would take it to customer service and let them know if some one ask if they found a 20 dollar bill and them I would find that customer and give it to them.
Turn it in to my manager or lost and found.
I would turn it in to a manager.
I would turn it in to guest services. Any amount of money would not be worth my job/
I would take the bill back to customer service and turn it in, in case someone comes back and claim for it.
I would turn it in to a manager. No amount of money is worth my job.

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