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Have you ever worked on a house before? What was your project?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Menards interview

Think about a recent home project you have done. This can be anything from remodeling your home to putting on new light plate covers or painting in your apartment. Tell the interviewer, "Yes, I have!" Follow this with a high-level overview of what project you tackled. If you have any class work or job training in any home improvement scenario, be sure to mention that as well! If you have no experience, be sure to have a good reason why you may not. Example: 'I recently purchased my house with my wife last week, and I am eager to get a jump start on new projects. Prior to this house, we rented for five years, and no maintenance was required.'
Basic answer example
"Yes, I have!"

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Have you ever worked on a house before? What was your project?
I've done tiny projects here and there- painting, putting up a door, helping put up plywood on a shed. Nothing major though.
Yes I have many times. I have helped my family 4 times in building custom made houses.
Yes I have tore out wood flooring and taken down a chimney and also put in windows.
I have worked around my own home with my dad, we have built ourselves patio, a small pond with a waterfall feature, as well as a deck. I have also helped paint sidings around the house.
I have worked on my own house with my mom, and we painted my room together.
Yes I help a contractor put together a wall in my house.
I have put on a deck and painted a deck for my grandparents as well as help my dad roof his house.
I worked on my own house with my mom. We painted my living room together.
I painted the washroom when I first bought my house.
I painted my washroom when I first bought my house.
I have painted a house and redone a deck on a mission trip. We also replaced the frames and the doors. We vacuumed out the flooded basement.
Yes I help paint and put up cabinets and redue the fireplace.
I have on a church mission trip where we painted the house and I used a post digger to help my crew install the patio.
I helped my father put up dry wall and I also painted.

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