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Why do you like helping others?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Volunteer interview

The interviewer wants to know what drives you to help others. This question is a further test, by the interviewer, to convince themselves that you have a passion behind your volunteering ambitions.

Interviewers are trying to avoid picking candidates from the crowd of people who say, 'Well my Mom told me I should help volunteer...' or 'I heard this is a great place to make friends.' Sure making friends is great, but most would instead choose a candidate that volunteers because they are passionate about what the organization provides to the community.

Entry Level answer example
"I love helping others, especially the elderly because there is a great joy in being a servant for those in need. Your organization helps the people who I care most about, and I would love to be a part of it."
Experienced answer example
"Helping others is my innate nature. It is part of the fabric of who I am. I think it has a lot to do with how I was raised. My mother always volunteered her time to local causes and feeding the homeless. I was brought up with this value at the forefront of living, and it has been a rewarding part of my life ever since!"

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Why do you like helping others?
I gives me a sense of satisfaction.
Helping others also adds to your knowledge.
That gives me an inner satisfaction and pleasure and it is caring and kind to others.
Feels rewarding. It makes me feel like I can make an impact on others, I love the feeling.
I enjoy helping others because it just comes natural to me. If the opportunity to help someone else arises, I automatically want to help them. If for some reason I miss out on this opportunity, I feel guilty about it. By helping others, I get a rush of happiness. In addition, helping others takes me mind of my own problems as I try to help theirs. By helping someone else, I'm helping others realize that people do care about them.
To make others happy.
Because helping others gives you happiness.
Because I know the importantance of providing orientation and help differnt patients and their families and their support.
There are alot people that need help, and cannot or will not ask for help.
It gives me great joy in helping people.
To give others and myself satisfaction.
To give others and my self satisfaction.
Improve self-esteem.
I like helping others because it truly makes me happy because I feel like others can count on me. I also feel the need to keep myself busy, and helping others completes that need.
Because it makes me feel good.
Because it makes me feel happy and good that I am doing something that makes a difference to them.
Because I think you can learn something for yourself while helping others. Also, it makes me happy to think that I can be of use.
It gives me a sense of satisfaction, like I'm fulfilling a good purpose in my life.
I love to help others . It gives me lot f satisfaction only this is the way I can help others.
When I help others I internally help my self. And I make some one life easier and happier.
Because we can learn so many things for yourself while helping others. And it also makes me happy that I can be of use.
Offering help to someone builds character and strengthens the human self as in helping others you are helping yourself. You learn a lot from others when you offer a helping hand.
I like helping others because it just comes natural to me. I will help others as much as I can because I will regret if I miss the chance.
I get a lot of reward from helping others and it is something that just comes natural to me, a simple smile is all that it takes to make me feel like I have contributed in a positive way.
Because it comes naturally. Any opportunity I see I take to help someone. And if this opportunity is missed I am left with a terrible feeling of regret.
I think that the reward that I get out of it is more than I can ever give them. but I believe that it provides excellent opportunities to learn about other cultures.
It gives me a great sense of satisfaction, and it feels rewarding, it makes me feel like I can make an impact aon others, and it feels good.
E enjoy helping the others because it just come natural to me . If the opportunity to help someone else arises I automatically want to help them.
It gives a sense of achievement. I also find that when you are helping others improve their quality of life at some level your own life is improved in the sense that you have a greater positive attitude to the people you meet in every day life and the events that occur in your life.
Helping others is satisfying and educational for me. It makes me feel good to know that I can contribute to the well being of others, whether I know them or not.
Its a beautiful thing... Giving is better than receiving! seeing peoples joy when you help them, knowing at the end of the day you didnt just live through your day for yourself.
I believe that in this world everybody needs somebody, and I also feel like giving back to the community what the community has giving me.
It gives me joy to help others because of the satisfaction I get when I see peoples dreams fulfilled true me. Its like transferring knowledge to a younger generation and the joy is unquantifiable.
I love making others feel like there is somebody else who cares and can help them feel better. I tend to be very compassionate.
Because I want to put a smile on their faces, to show them someone cares .
I enjoy helping others to see them smile and make their day better. I get gratification from helping others from knowing that I have made a difference in their lives or by simply making their day brighter.
Because it makes me feel good about myself knowing that I assisted someone in need.
I feel a sense of overall happiness and fulfillment when I am able to help others and I believe that it is a moral responsibility of every human being to help one another when in need.
I know that I was ever in a particular situation I would want people to help me. What goes around comes back around. I like being able to help change peoples lives, even if I have a minor impact.
It gives us an opportunity to see life from a different persective. And realise that one individual is blessed to help another - and this is the true meaning of life.
I enjoy helping others because I believe that it is an important part of life. In a way, by volunteering here and getting to help others, I am also helping myself gain more knowledge and experience of the atmosphere of a hospital. I remember this one time a saw an accident happen and I felt upset because the least I could do was just call 911 and could do nothing more to help the injured lady, and it made me realize how good it feels to help others.
Firstly my religion says that, but in my heart I love helping people, I like watching them happy because of me.
I like helping other because I care for people. I am a kind of person that puts others before myself and always tries to lookout for others.
I like helping others because it makes me happy and the person I helped is also satisfied.
I have been helped by charity and want to give time back.
It gives me satisfaction by helping and making others happy.
It provides me a sense of self along with allowing my energies to not go to me, rather someone else who needs them.
I find it very fulfilling. It makes me feel good to help others.
It makes be happy to make others feel comfortable.
I like making a differance.
I want to feel I am making difference and be part of something immportant.
Because I am ethical, dedicated and hard worker.If I help others they also help me and support me.If I help others I feel very happy and interesting.If I help them in difficult condition it would be a great beneficial to the community and peaceful to me.
Simply put, I feel good when other feel good. I like to put smiles on peoples faces and know that I am making a difference (even in the smallest way) in someones life. There has been and will be a lot of suffering and sadness in the world, to help alleviate even a small portion is fulfilling.
Because im strong and capable to. Moreover I love it when people are happy sao I wish to always give that satisfaction to the people I meet.
Well ive worked in many areas, as marketing agent, I had to walk and encounter people out of my working station to propose my services. I also work as a finance clerk where I did front office duties and also had much encounter with patients of various kinds. Then with my job satisfaction as a finance clerk I was promoted to work as an administrative secretary because they found in me someone very confidential and welcoming.
Because they were need someone to look after them and to make them happy.
It's a good tendency that all people should have.
That gives me self satisfaction.
It gives me a sense of purpose that I am doing something that really matters & makes me happy in return.
I believe I can help make a difference.
I personally believe helping other people, someday some people will also help me. Moreover this is a good way to establish friendship and business opportunities by helping others, this is I learn from past years.
I find my self more satisfied and helpful.
My mom has been a village health volunteer when she worked, I like help her when I free time.
I feel good helpers others do tasks.
I believe it's my calling.
I just feel it's part of me to want to help someone and it bothers me when I'm not giving anything back to others.
I like helping others because it makes me happy when I know I can make a difference.
In my blood. Family of teachers.
I find that in helping others, I am able to learn a lot about myself. I often submerge myself in their world and try to see things from their point of view. This aslo helps me learn about people in general and how everybody is different. Seeing a smile on somebody elses face is enough to change a bad day to a great week.
It’s incredibly fulfilling to help those in need. I’ve never known such a pleasure before I started working with others.
Because that is the way I am.I want share my love and kindness with the world.
Because a friend in need is a friend indeed.
I get a sense of satisfaction out of helping others - I like the idea that my time is spent using my abilities to benefit someone else.
I like helping others because it gives me such a great feeling a proud and successful feeling that is just so great and makes me so much happier. Helping someone is just one of those things hay you look back on your life and you say wow I'm so glad I did his, it shaped me into the peeps in am today and I'm very proud of the person I am.

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