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Why do you like helping others?
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In my blood. Family of teachers.
Well ive worked in many areas, as marketing agent, I had to walk and encounter people out of my working station to propose my services. I also work as a finance clerk where I did front office duties and also had much encounter with patients of various kinds. Then with my job satisfaction as a finance clerk I was promoted to work as an administrative secretary because they found in me someone very confidential and welcoming.
I believe that in this world everybody needs somebody, and I also feel like giving back to the community what the community has giving me.
Because a friend in need is a friend indeed.
I like helping others because it gives me such a great feeling a proud and successful feeling that is just so great and makes me so much happier. Helping someone is just one of those things hay you look back on your life and you say wow I'm so glad I did his, it shaped me into the peeps in am today and I'm very proud of the person I am.
Firstly my religion says that, but in my heart I love helping people, I like watching them happy because of me.
Because that is the way I am.I want share my love and kindness with the world.
Simply put, I feel good when other feel good. I like to put smiles on peoples faces and know that I am making a difference (even in the smallest way) in someones life. There has been and will be a lot of suffering and sadness in the world, to help alleviate even a small portion is fulfilling.
It gives us an opportunity to see life from a different persective. And realise that one individual is blessed to help another - and this is the true meaning of life.
I enjoy helping others because I believe that it is an important part of life. In a way, by volunteering here and getting to help others, I am also helping myself gain more knowledge and experience of the atmosphere of a hospital. I remember this one time a saw an accident happen and I felt upset because the least I could do was just call 911 and could do nothing more to help the injured lady, and it made me realize how good it feels to help others.