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We run a credit report and background check are you ok with that?

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    We run a credit report and background check are you ok with that?

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    How long has it been since you've had a leak with copper piping?

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    What would have to change about your current job, for you to stay where you are?

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    What do you enjoy most about being a plumber?

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    How long do you want to be a plumber?

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    How does your family feel about you being on call?

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    If a customer complains their house has too little water pressure, what steps would you take to fix this problem?

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    What is the worst thing you had to do as a plumber?

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    What advantages are there for PVC water mains?

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    Do you have your own plumbing equipment?

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    Do you prefer your water mains be pvc or copper?

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    If you installed a copper pipe next to the shower head, and realized you ran out of fasteners, knowing this will create a problem ten years down the road, what do you do?

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    Have you ever changed a toilet before?

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    What training do you have in plumbing?

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    What experience do you have with snaking clogged up pipes?

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    Have you ever installed a shower with multiple shower heads? How did you keep water pressure high?

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    Have you ever plumbed an office building?

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    How many years experience do you have plumbing?

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    What license do you have as a plumber?

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    How many houses have you plumbed before?

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    What are the advantages for installing steel plumbing underneath a sink? In what cases would you do it?

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    Do you have any experience installing water based heating systems?

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    Who taught you mostly what you know in plumbing?

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    Is there any other trades you are looking to learn?

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    Have you ever installed PEX plumbing in a concrete floor?

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    Do you want to own your own plumbing business in the future?

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    If a customer needs a new toilet installed, you remove the old one and find the floor to be rotting all around the toilet, what do you do?

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    If I were to ask a previous supervisor about your performance, what would they say?