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What would be the greatest strength you would bring to our operating team?

"While I'm confident that the technical operating room skills I would bring to this team would be very beneficial, I have to say that my communication skills would be the greatest strength I would bring. In talking with the surgeons and fellow nurses today, I got the strong sense that communication among the team is essential in ensuring that patient safety is of utmost importance through all processes of their procedures. I'm a very open communicator in the work setting and feel that overcommunication is better than not communicating at all. The physicians I've worked with in the past have always appreciated my willingness to listen and speak up when I see fit. I've also been commended for my ability to keep communications respectful and professional in any setting. I'm confident that these skills would bode well for me as a perioperative nurse."

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25 Perioperative Nurse Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. What would be the greatest strength you would bring to our operating team?

  • 2. What do you feel would be your biggest weakness as a perioperative nurse?

  • 3. Why do you have a passion for working in the surgical setting?

  • 4. Tell us about yourself.

  • 5. Are you familiar with the process of preparing and maintaining a sterile environment in the surgical setting?

  • 6. In the OR, maintaining patient confidentiality takes extra diligence from our nursing staff. How will you prioritize this as our next perioperative nurse?

  • 7. Why should we hire you as our next perioperative nurse?

  • 8. How do you handle stressful situations in your work and why do you think this an important skill for a perioperative nurse to possess?

  • 9. What do you consider to be the proudest moment of your career or education?

  • 10. How would some of your recent patients describe your interactions with them?

  • 11. Are you a team player? How well do you work with others?

  • 12. What does safety mean to you in your work each and every day?

  • 13. What is motivating you to pursue a role as a perioperative nurse?

  • 14. Cohesiveness with our surgeons is vital for every perioperative nurse on this team. How will you attempt to foster your working relationships with the new surgeons you will be working alongside?

  • 15. How have you handled angry or upset patients in the past and how will your style help you be successful in this position?

  • 16. Clear communication during patient hand-offs during shift changes are vital. What hand-off procedures are you familiar with if you were to join our nursing team?

  • 17. Patient education skills are important for any perioperative nurse. What skills would you bring to our team?

  • 18. Talk about your ability to have difficult conversations with patients and their family members as a nurse.

  • 19. Are you able to meet all of the hours and shift requirements for this position?

  • 20. What do you feel makes you the top candidate to join our organization?

  • 21. Perioperative nurses are required to spend long hours on their feet and must have the physical ability to lift unconscious patients and maneuver heavy equipment. Will you be able to manage these physical requirements of the job?

  • 22. What EMR systems do you have familiarity working in and how will you prioritize documentation in this role?

  • 23. How much supervision do you feel you would need in your initial months on the job as a perioperative nurse?

  • 24. Working as a perioperative nurse requires a great deal of attention to detail and often multi-tasking. What do you do to help keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed in these situations?

  • 25. Our operating room is full of dynamic and unique personalities. What type of personality do you have?