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To help you prepare for your Medical School MMI interview, here are 25 interview questions and answer examples.

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What excites you about medicine and a future in the field as a physician?

Medical schools prioritize admitting students who want to be influencers in the field and do big things during their careers. To get a sense of your passion for this career path, your interviewer at this MMI station is giving you the stage to elaborate on what excites you about a future career in medicine.

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25 Medical School MMI Interview Questions & Answers

More and more medical schools are adapting the multiple mini interview process for a variety of reasons. First, the process allows many stakeholders in the program, like faculty members and support staff, to interview and have a say in who they admit into their school. The process also allows a more candid and reliable assessment of the candidates they are considering.

During the MMI process, you will have the chance to visit a variety of interview stations. Each station will have an evaluator from the staff and a unique question/task/scenario that you will have to complete. As applicants rotate throughout the stations, every session has a specific time limit, typically 10 minutes. To start each session, a bell (or another indicator) will ring, and applicants will have a minute or two to read the question/prompt and mentally prepare. Then they enter the room and have around eight minutes to provide their response. At the end of the session, the bell rings again, and the interviewing candidates rotate to the next station.

Because the MMI process is designed to let candidates be themselves, interviewees must remain as relaxed as possible and open up to show their true selves. Rather than subjecting applicants to stressful interview panels, multiple mini interviews are seen as the speed dating of the interview world. Because you will be meeting with many key staff members individually during the MMI interview, there are a couple of points to keep in mind. First, don't let one bad session or answer get your hopes down. You have the chance to regroup and collect yourself before the stations follow. Second, you'll get the chance to show your true genuine self to many different people with the program, and you want to ensure you take advantage of that.

Preparation is crucial when it comes to mastering a multiple mini interview. During the process, you can expect a mix of traditional interview questions, role-playing scenarios, ethical questions, and even an essay-writing station. Pulling from your past life experiences can be vital in answering different questions and scenarios, so be sure to put some thought into the times that have shown your ability to be resilient, handle stress and communicate effectively before your interview. Another great thing to practice heading into a medical school MMI is role-playing scenarios. Working with a friend or loved one on different communication, teamwork, and role-playing scenarios can pay dividends for you come the day of the interview.

  • Career Goals

    1. What excites you about medicine and a future in the field as a physician?

  • Communication

    2. How would you react if you witnessed a precepting physician making demeaning comments to support staff in the clinic setting?

  • Cultural Fit

    3. What part of the mission and values of our medical school program speaks to you most?

  • Education

    4. How do you feel your academic background has prepared you for success in medical school and beyond?

  • Essay Writing

    5. Our medical school values diversity in all forms. How will your life experiences and background contribute to this important focus at our program?

  • Ethical Scenario

    6. A patient tells you that they are regularly using illegal drugs. What would you do?

  • Ethical Scenario

    7. Two patients are in desperate need of a lung transplant, but there is only one available. Talk about how you would decide between a 70 year old retired teacher and former smoker and a 31 year old father of two young kids.

  • Ethical Scenario

    8. You find out that some fellow students have a paper with all of the upcoming exam answers the day before the exam. How do you handle this situation?

  • Ethical Scenario

    9. How would you handle a patient that indicates they may not be able to immediately afford care and don't have insurance coverage?

  • Ethical Scenario

    10. You are about to perform a procedure with a colleague. They reach into their desk and take a sip of a bottle. When the bottle opens, you can smell alcohol. You have five minutes to talk to this colleague and act. What do you do?

  • Honesty & Integrity

    11. Is it ever okay to lie to a patient under your care?

  • Leadership

    12. Talk about the leadership skills you have developed that you would bring to our medical school and into your career as a physician.

  • Policy

    13. What are your thoughts on animal research and testing in the medical field?

  • Policy

    14. What are your views on the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana that is sweeping through the country?

  • Problem Solving

    15. What do you feel are the biggest challenges the medical field will face in the next 10 to 20 years?

  • Scenario Based

    16. How would you approach and express your concern for a young patient that needs to have an arm amputated?

  • Stress

    17. The next four years as a medical student might be the toughest you've ever experienced. How will you handle the natural stress of medical school?

  • Teamwork

    18. You and another applicant walk into a room with a pair of shoes, a sheet wrapping paper, tape, and ribbon on a table. Instruct your fellow applicant on how to wrap the shoes into a gift.

  • Teamwork

    19. Building strong relationships with people from all walks of life is a vital skill for any medical student to possess. What are your strengths and areas for growth in this respect?

  • Teamwork

    20. If you and a colleague had a disagreement about how to treat a patient, how would you handle the situation professionally and respectfully?

  • Traditional Interview Question

    21. Why do you want to become a physician?

  • Traditional Interview Question

    22. What do you think are one or two of the biggest issues that the medical field is currently facing?

  • Traditional Interview Question

    23. Tell me about yourself and the type of medical student we would be getting if you were to be accepted into our program.

  • Traditional Interview Question

    24. If you had the power to change one aspect of your personality, what would you change?

  • Traditional Interview Question

    25. As a prospective medical student, what are your initial thoughts on which residency and potential fellowship training path you will take?