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Entertainment Anchor Interview

27 Questions and Answers by Christina Erne

Updated August 17th, 2018 | Christina Erne is a meteorologist and a journalist at News 10 ABC in Albany, NY.
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What is your biggest failure professionally?
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How to Answer
The candidate should discuss a time they have struggled in their work and how they worked to fix it. The candidate may use a time that they stumbled on television, or a time they had a communication failure with another worker. However, the candidate should show that they have grown from that experience and know how to not let it happen in the future.
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What is your biggest failure professionally?
The candidate should discuss a time they have struggled in their work and how they worked to fix it. The candidate may use a time that they stumbled on television, or a time they had a communication failure with another worker. However, the candidate should show that they have grown from that experience and know how to not let it happen in the future.

Christina's Answer
"There was a time where I was not a great speaker on television. I stumbled often, and I was disappointed in myself. However, I have grown from that and practiced, and now I barely ever stumble."
Why is this job right for you at this time?
The candidate should discuss the reasons why they are looking to take this job at this time in their life. Perhaps they have a future goal that the job will help with, or perhaps they are excited to take on a new journey. They should talk about why they believe this is a good time for them to take the job and why.

Christina's Answer
"I believe this entertainment anchor job is right for me at this time because I have worked hard in the news industry to learn how to write and be on television and now I feel that I am ready to take on my true passion, the entertainment world."
What is your favorite entertainment story you have covered and why?
The candidate should discuss their favorite entertainment story and why it was their favorite. Through answering this question, they should show their deep passion for the entertainment field, and show their experience creating a story or anchoring a newscast that people want to listen to.

Christina's Answer
"My favorite story I have covered in the entertainment industry is the death of Prince. Even though it is a sad story, so many stories of people finding happiness through his music inspired me."
What stories do you believe are the most important to report?
The candidate should discuss different types of stories that entertainment anchors report on, and which ones should receive higher priority in a newscast over others. For instance, breaking news, celebrity deaths, and stories that involve highly popular people are typically prioritized because more people are likely to want to listen. The candidate should make his or herself a knowledgeable source about the industry.

Christina's Answer
"I believe the most important stories are the ones that reach the most people possible. If it affects many people, I will want to put it first in a show."
What is your experience writing for television broadcasts?
The candidate should talk about their experience writing for television. They may talk about their experience writing for television broadcasts, or their past writing experience on other topics. They should talk about how they plan to write for the entertainment industry to attract viewers.

Christina's Answer
"I have been writing for television broadcasts in both news and entertainment for many years. I used to be a writer for the news industry as a producer, and that gave me great experience telling stories."
How do you work under pressure?
A good anchor is able to work under tight deadlines to create stories or break news that may pop up a few minutes before or even during a newscast. They must be able to assemble a story that includes facts and sounds cohesive to the viewers. The candidate should discuss their experience working under pressure and how they would work if they experienced stress on the job.

Christina's Answer
"I work very well under pressure! A large part of the job is based on stressful situations and writing quickly and well, and I know I have what it takes to do the job well, even when it is challenging and I am under time constraints."
Why is this station a good location for you?
The hiring manager wants to know why the candidate feels they are a good fit for this location and the news in this area. The candidate should show that they are well suited to cover entertainment news in this area based on their knowledge of the area, or their ability to adapt to new places.

Christina's Answer
"I believe this location and station are good fits for me because I grew up in this state and know about the stories that mean a lot to the locals."
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
The candidate should discuss where they hope to be in the near future based on what they will learn in the current job. The candidate should be positive about growing in the job to eventually work their way up through their career.

Christina's Answer
"In five years from now, I see myself being the lead entertainment anchor at this station. I will be the most trustworthy source in the area that people throughout the country would even come to me for entertainment information."
How do you find unique contacts within the entertainment industry?
A good entertainment anchor as unique and special contacts that help them find the best information possible about the latest and breaking news. The candidate should talk about the ways they find contacts and stay in touch with them so they can make the station have the best sources.

Christina's Answer
"Whenever I meet someone on the job, no matter who they are, I exchange business cards. Just in the event that I may need them in the future or they have a contact for me, it is important to keep contacts. I have so many people in my network and that will benefit the entertainment segment at this station."
Why did you choose entertainment over other aspects of news?
The candidate should explain why they believe they are the best candidate for an entertainment job. The hiring manager is looking to find out why the candidate wants to work in entertainment over other fields, and the candidate should discuss why they love working in entertainment so much.

Christina's Answer
"I believe I am fit for the entertainment industry because while the news industry has both stories that are positive and negative, the entertainment has many more positive stories, and I love brightening people's day."
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