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Shane Reinhard is a high school English teacher focused on English 9 Honors, English 11, Yearbook/Journalism, and AP Seminar.

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What is your teaching philosophy?

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English Teacher Interview

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    What is your teaching philosophy?

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      This question might seem like a little of a filler question, but it has a lot of weight in the interview. By giving a background of where you come from, how you fell in love with the subject, and where and why you went to a specific college, the interviewer can get a greater sense of who you are.

      Shane's Answer

      "I was born and raised in Colorado. From a young age, music filled my life, specifically since my mom is a music major, and my dad a music minor. I fell in love with the subject of English because I would listen to the beautiful phrased lyrics in the form of melodies while at home. It was English like this that first inspired me. I decided to go to the University of Virginia because of its state-leading English program, from that point."

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      "My philosophy has been to work hard for my students, so they will see it is action. In turn, I hope they will do the same."

      Shane's Answer

      Working hard is valuable in its own right. Make sure to have specific ways that your students can work hard. You can help them along in the right way they need to go.

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