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Shane Reinhard is a high school English teacher focused on English 9 Honors, English 11, Yearbook/Journalism, and AP Seminar.

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What is your greatest weakness?

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English Teacher Interview

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    What is your greatest weakness?

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      Sharing a weakness of yours might seem intimidating, but the interviewer wants to see how you grow and get help in certain situations. Be honest with your example, but be ready to share how you overcome it. In turn, you will show your determination, even in times that are personally tough for you.

      Shane's Answer

      "My greatest weakness would be a lack of communication. Sometimes, I get caught in my bubble of what I am doing, and I do not think about how I should be communicating to students, parents, other teachers, and administrators in the process. To combat this, I have had other teachers keep me accountable for communicating in situations that I have overlooked. Getting advice and willing to accept it has helped me become a better communicator over the last couple of years."

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      "My greatest weakness is pushing ahead, when I should be aware of what the students need. I just get goals in my mind that I forget the small things that really matter."

      Shane's Answer

      Maybe start your class or end it with an intake of how students are doing in general or with the material. It can be a simple thumbs up or down to get them on the right track.

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