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What do you do to handle a challenging student?

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    What do you do to handle a challenging student?

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      Any teacher will experience a problem student at one time or another. The interviewer knows this and cares about how you have handled situations in the past. One area to focus on is speaking to the fact that problem students have potential. These types of students should never be outcasts but be engaged more.

      Shane's Answer

      "When it comes to challenging students, I work hard to paint the picture that they can succeed in my class. After I have spoken into their lives, then I engage with them more in a classroom setting. By devoting extra time to these students, I can work to help them beat the challenges they are having in my class. In turn, I have seen a lot of these same students participating in productive ways after the fact."

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      "Challenging students can be frustrating. But, one of the most diffusing ways to interact with a troublesome student is taking them out of the classroom and asking if they are alright. This usually sets the frame of mind of the student for a better class moving forward."

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      Great way to handle this situation. Rather than making a scene with the student among his or her peers, this is a productive way to show you care.

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