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Do you have any questions?

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Advice and Examples: Do you have any questions? For an English Teacher Interview Question.

  1. 30.

    Do you have any questions?

      How to Answer

      This question comes up often, and it is one of the easier ones to consider. But, you need to prepare ahead of time, expecting this question may come. A query here will help the interviewer understand that you care about the job or not.

      Shane's Answer

      "Tell me more about the English extra-curricular opportunities at the school. I read on the website that there are a few that students join. I wanted to get a better idea of how English works across the school dynamic."

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      Anonymous Interview Answer

      "I am interested in the English Department here at the school. What expectations do you have for the teachers outside of the normal teaching day?"

      Shane's Feedback for the Answer Above

      It is always good to get clear expecations before you hop into a new job. It is never great when you come into a job and a lot of extra tasks are expected, but were never communicated.

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