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If hired here, how long do you believe you would stay at our company?

Example #1
"I am working towards becoming a sales manager, and I would be thrilled to lead one of your teams here one day."
Example #2
"I would like to stay with your company as long as you will have me! I am just starting my career and want to have proven tenure, from the start. It sounds as though you have many professional development opportunities here that will keep me engaged, and challenged."
Example #3
"I appreciate you taking a risk when it comes to hiring me because I do not have current tenure to which you can refer. I am a loyal person, which you can see in my related athletic commitments as well as the volunteer opportunity I have committed to for the past three years. I plan to stay long-term."
Example #4
"Working for your company would be a dream come true! I have had my eye on your agency since I started earning my Marketing degree. I would be a dependable and long-term addition to your team. You will be hard-pressed to find another candidate more enthusiastic than I!"
Example #5
"I see this as a long-term position for myself. I understand that there are many growth opportunities with your organization and I look forward to proving myself here, first as a retail sales associate, and eventually into a district manager."
Example #6
"I am looking for a company with which I can grow. It's been fascinating and informative to hear how you have some employees that have been here for over ten years, and how they've grown throughout their tenure. I loved learning that there are mentoring opportunities and hope to get involved as soon as I start. My professional goal is to earn my way into a territory sales position with your organization, in the next few years."
Example #7
"It's important to me that I join a school where I can carve out a long-term career. My wish is to nurture long-term relationships with these students, their families, and this community."
Example #8
"I am working towards becoming a sales manager, and I would be thrilled to lead one of your teams here one day."
Example #9
"I see your organization as a long-term fit for me. As you can see, I have a strong work history that includes minimal job hopping. This position offered is one that I have been on the lookout for, for quite some time, and I see it as a long-term fit."
Example #10
"I love sewing garments, so I really see myself being a tailor for as long as my fingers still work. Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination with all the different ways a dress could be styled. That's why I went to school for it. And now that I have a solid foundation of knowledge, I want to continue to learn and grow in this profession."
Example #11
"I am looking for a long-term fit in my next position. As you can see, I had a strong tenure with my previous company. I would love to see the same success here. I did notice on your website that you have long-haul opportunities across the coast. If I could work my way into a role like that, I would be thrilled."
Example #12
"I see my career being in this field and plan to stay long term. As you can see in my resume, I am not a job-hopper and am a loyal employee."
Example #13
"I plan to be a PM for the next three to five years and then move to either a more specialized commodity role or a higher leadership role in the purchasing area. Ultimately, which role and when will be determined on where I can add the most value to the organization.
As long as I am challenged, continue to grow in my career and am recognized for my contributions, I don't see a reason to put a time limit on my employment with the organization."
Example #14
"If hired, I would like to work for you as long as possible. I am a very loyal employee and know that once I find the right fit, I am going to stay long term. You can also see from my resume that I have strong tenure in my other roles."
Example #15
"You can see from my work history that tenure is very important to me. As much as you are looking for a fit within your organization, I am seeking a long term fit for myself as well. I would be very happy to finish my career strong, and with your organization."
Example #16
"I see myself working for this company for at least a year until I decide where I want to go from here. I am looking to supplement my income and I believe I am the best candidate to help deliver papers."
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