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What was your greatest accomplishment in your most recent position?

This question has been answered 13 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

Hiring authorities are very focused on numbers, percentages, and results. Chances are if you are in for an interview, you highlighted a few successes on your resume that the hiring manager could not resist. Take the time to walk the interviewer through your proudest accomplishment. Extra points if you can include some concrete numbers when discussing the results of your actions.

Admin answer example
"There was a lot of disorganization in the accounts receivable department when I first joined, and the outstanding client accounts were unbelievable! I got to work right away, issuing past-due invoices and sending pre-collection notices to accounts past 90 days arrears. In just 90 days I was able to recover almost $60,000 for the company. The business owner was thrilled!"
Allergist answer example
"I have several notable accomplishments in my career. Probably the most notable accomplishment was my clinical research of pediatric food allergies. I developed a more accurate diagnostic testing for food allergies and food allergy immunotherapy."
Anesthesiologist Assistant answer example
"In my career, so far, I feel that the most difficult accomplishment for me to achieve were the two back-to-back promotions in my current facility. Because promotions are granted based on results, and education, I had to put in a lot of overtime hours, and hustle, to get there."
Art Director answer example
"Show the interviewer when you were presented with a situation that you never had before and you excelled at it. Example:"During a project pitch to one of my potential clients, I was told that I would be designing blogs and websites for two local businesses. However, after the presentation, the client approached me and ask me to work on eight local business instead. While I was ecstatic about getting more projects, I was also a bit worried because I was not prepared for it in the least. However, I assembled my team of four graphic designers and two illustrators and put them on a deadline schedule. I was able to complete the project within three weeks, one week short of the due date. I took the extra time to edit and double check my work."
Bacteriology Technician answer example
"This question provides helpful insight into your ability to evaluate your own performance and your ability to perform above and beyond normal expectations. First, state your accomplishment. Then tell the story of how that accomplishment was achieved and your role in making it happen. If you were part of a team, describe how your interactions with teammates helped in the achievement of the goal."
Basic answer example
"My greatest accomplishment in my current position was when I delivered a perfect inventory count for the first time in company history! The business has been around for seven years, and they have never seen a completely perfect inventory count. I implemented a new system and software which attributed to the success. Normally, our count was off by about 8%, but I managed to bring that number to zero."
Manager answer example
"Since joining my company in 2015, staff retention has improved by a whopping 30%. I attribute this success to my managerial style which is hands-on with an open door policy. I encourage participation in meetings by asking for their ideas on our operational standards which everyone seems to appreciate."
Marketing answer example
"One fact that I am very proud of is that I have grown our department by $2M since becoming the head of marketing. These results are due to my ability to introduce new clients to the business. In addition to marketing, my business development skills are also on point."
Medical Transcriptionist answer example
"One of my greatest accomplishments was acting as the shift supervisor while my supervisor was out on maternity leave for 4 months. I volunteered for the role, successfully led my co-workers and everything ran smoothly. My boss complimented me for my success and awarded me with the employee of the month as well as a monetary award."
Retail answer example
"After being promoted to the assistant manager, we have seen a great improvement in productivity and sales have increased by at least 5% month over month. I believe this is because I am more hands-on with training and our new hires come onto the floor with better customer service skills."
Sales answer example
"I won President's Club last year and was the highest in my entire company, out of 159 sales representatives, when it came to new territory growth and upselling ratios. My sales target for the year was $1.5M, and I finished at $2.2. I am incredibly proud of this achievement. I worked so hard, and many hours of overtime to get there. My reward was a company paid vacation to Mexico!"
Sous Chef answer example
"My greatest accomplishment as a sous chef was gaining the opportunity to train briefly under Anthony Bourdain. This experience really boosted my passion for food again, and I was able to learn so much."
Writer answer example
"My greatest accomplishment to date was writing a series of textbooks with a team. I am so proud of it because it took years to complete and we spent much time researching and making it the best we could. I learned a lot from working with a team."

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What was your greatest accomplishment in your most recent position?
Networking with my employees and sponsors.
MCK - Putting up Directors regional office in 3weeks AKG - Putting up a receipting office and new accounting system CT - Helping SA & Ghana office.
The high light was to make customers happy by exceeding there needs and leaving with a smile on there face.
I love interacting with people, it makes me feel I am actually doing something motivating.
Published papers in scientific journals.
To teach zoology in easy and advanced way.
As zoology is directly related to living organism so tthe study of zoology is beneficial for all living organisms. I personally want to teach this subject so that everyone can take care of their health.
Managed to provide content for noble firm at a very strict deadline.
My greatest accomplishment as an engineer is that I was able to deliver a job with no supervision. I was just given the objectives and I was able to come up with a way of reaching those objectives in a variety of ways.
I was able to build a balloon powered car.
Improved the welding process which cut the tack times and cycle times down by 50% that was in time 40 min. Which then increased production and profitability.
With many study I followed mny trial and proved it.
I have been working for a company in Saudi Arabia where I was asked to do maintenance of a wire drawing machine which was already repaired 10 times. Using the correct method and correct filler material helps the customer in gaining service life and helped my company in gaining high profits.
Identifying the native range for the 3 ecotypes of Cogongrass in the US
I have not had the opportunity to serve as the conservationist yet, however I believe my greatest role will be to offer the right resources to ensure our local community on how to conserve and make a difference.
I have been involved the design & developments of various VoIP products like IP Phones, Gateways, ATAs, Standalone PBXs, Voip Cards, etc. Also SIP stack.
Was working round the clock to solve an issue, and then after 32 hours of team work, we have learnt many new things and interaction with different teams, we have solved the issue.
I have a lot of experience, but I still remember one that my church re-dedication concert. I accompanied for brass quintet, which is really challenge piece. As you know, a lot of brass pieces are tricky, especially rhythm, and meter changes. I had very short time for preparing. I did very well. Over 400 people were truly happy. That was excited moment as an accompanist.
I learnt a lot about drugs which was one of my biggest interests.
To be shine in medical transcription.
I scored 93% for an online test of another company in the first attempt itself without any prior experience.
Consistently producing higher than expected production with excellent accuracy.
The last time I worked as a medical transcriptionist the company closed its door so quickly that I feel like I didn't get the opportunity to really expand myself so this time around I am hoping for the opportunity to expand myself and i'm ready to spend several years doing it.
I haven't had an accomplishment as a medical transcriptionist.
I want to make the avaliable as appropriate.
I was able to achieve 20% more closed charts in coding weekly by creating a fast code system.
Typing difficult accounts.
I promoted as project manager and floor production manager.
Getting reports to specialist that had been requested stat which results in saving a patients life because they started treatments quickly.
I do not have experience with transcript.
If you give me the opportunity as a medical transcriptionist.
Got government job and take care of my family.
Give right treatment notice in discharge summary.
I didn't have any because I didn't work as a medical transcriptionist before.
Maintained quality, successful career grown and found new job abroad.
I haven't experienced being a medical transcriptionist, however, I hope to be for me to attain achievements.
Meeting my quota with quality of course and gaining incentives on the next month of payroll.
Having 2 businesses of my own for many years.
Nanda devi raj jat in supar caset industree.
To be able to serve dose with a communication/language disorder and their families.
I had worked on preliminary design for MLG support structure for an aircraft. One of the components would not clear the analysis and required design changes. On the subsequent brain storming sessions conducted with the clients I suggested a change to the component which significantly changed the deformation patterns and allowed the component to clear.
I have not had an opportunity to be a history professor yet. I am hoping that you will give me that opportunity.
Assisting the Anaesthetist save a life in a code blue.
Actually being able to get into the program. I have been faded with many adversities in my life and This program was something I knew that once I was granted the opportunity to be apart of that I have already overcame my adversity and doubt of myself.
Moving from weekend announcer to program director within 3 years.
Working on a project start to finish and the outcome was appreciated and liked.
Universal account resolution.
Building excellent rapport with residents and potential clients, and having a renewal rate of over 70%
I have never been an apartment leasing agent but it is something that I am interested in.
My greatest accomplishment would be just the fact that Ive been in the business for over 10 years and I am still learning, learning new software, learning more customer service tips, and able to apply all of my knowledge in the field and I am still very eager to learn more.
Over my time at the company we saw increased occupancy, resident retention, profits, and excellent audits. During that time I was also able to meet so many new and different people and help them find somewhere to feel at home.
Giving it my best to be able to complete work loads and rent out apartment good attitude.
Working with the poor strain but still getting the numbers required.
My greatest accomplishment . That making some people understand their own language and Arabic in a better way .
Every time. I finish a jobi have that feeling.
I am not an ironworker yet.
I am looking forward to completing my first accomplishment as a ironworker.
I have not reached my goal as an ironworer yet.
I am looking forward to becoming an ironworker.
Staying steady working do not drag up on job cause I don't like for what ever reason.
To make correct drawings.
I had become part of many prestigious projects in trivandrum.
Dulwish School yangon project.
Completing a project on my own.
Haven't been in this role but I believe it would be getting the respect of those who worked with me on a project we all contributed to and succeeded in.
My greatest accomplishment was being able to work well with my team. This does not necessarily mean that we have the same ideals, but we all are compatible with each other and are open-minded and respect each others artistic styles.
That was in my graduation project of an ice cream factory, we evaluated this factory by making 3d dynamic analysis, and it designed to be 7 stories, however the designer did not take into consideration many factors, so our recommendation was not to build more than 5 stories and that what is happen .
When I rebuilt a floor pan to a Infiniti.
Painting my first doors, primer, base and clear. They looked perfect, there was perfect coverage and no runs. I work to be proud of all of my work. No matter how big or how small the job is, it all is an accomplishment to me and makes me very happy.
I am having very good knowledge of this field.
I never been a technician I want to experience on something I like to do.
To accomplish that milestone because cooking is my life.
Being able to propper keep left overs, keep food and labor cost to a minimum.
When guest ask to see me to tell me how wonderful the food I made for them was. Always puts a smile to my face.
I'm not a sous chef as of right now, but I will tell you this. I am ready to become one.
Doing large banquets and working as a team to make sure it goes smoothly.
Being creative cooking demo feed back.
This swilling be my first job as sous chef.
My greatest accomplishment is my work itself . It has helped me to become totally aware of my purpose in life.
Achieving my targets and inspiring other cooks.
Never had any to date.
Appreciation by customer.
Good work for the all team, and the satisfaction of the guests.
Get a good comments from the guest as well as employee also happy.
How many year you have experience in sous chef.
Taking over from head chef and running kitchen without incident.
I motivate, teaching and enjoy while working and take personal responsibility.

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