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What was the latest piece of industry related news you've read?

Example #1
"I often listen to accounting-related podcasts, as unexciting as that may sound! My personal favorite is 'Accounting Best Practices' with Steve Bragg. It's on iTunes if you are interested. He covers best practices for acquisitions, investor relations, payroll, and more. I have found it to be beneficial. Do you have any favorite resources you would like to share?"
Example #2
"I guess the latest was the recent political drama, but that is unrelated to anything here. I do follow the news, but I don't get too wrapped up in things that do not directly affect me. I prefer to spend my time on developing my professional skills like taking Excel courses and customer service workshops."
Example #3
"Because I love to read, I often take the time to read the latest and greatest books related to management, organizational structure, and productivity. The book I am currently reading is 'Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity," by David Allen. He discusses focusing more on relaxation and creating a fun work environment for your employees. He claims that in this environment, employees will be more responsive and will end up getting more done in a day. Have you read this book?"
Example #4
"The latest piece of marketing news I have read was a free download from, and it was a LinkedIn content marketing guide. Many marketers feel that LinkedIn is a dated tool; however, I recently learned some amazing stats on how LinkedIn is a major player in B2B selling. Do you have any recommended reading for me?"
Example #5
"I try to stay away from the typical news as I find it depressing. So, to get my news on the latest and greatest tech gadgets, I subscribe to a few blogs as well as Google alerts. My favorite blog at the moment is 'Electronics Hub,' and it comes to my inbox nearly every day. It's quite educational, and the website also offers free project ideas geared around electronics, circuits, and tools. How do you prefer to keep up to date on the news related to our industry?"
Example #6
"I get a lot of information from all over the place, but always reputable sources. The latest article on software sales related news that I read was a fantastic article on Forbes. The article was referring to the "Three Fewer Potato Chips" approach to software sales. Have you heard of this approach? The idea is that in SaaS you do not need all the new tools to be the best, but you do need to know how to ask better questions and be fanatical about your product. I highly recommend this article."
Example #7
"This week it has been all over the news how our state spends a lot more funds than most when it comes to boosting enrollment in post-secondary technical education. I found this fascinating and wondered why. It turns out that our state is trying to make a play for us to be seen as a great investment for high-tech industries to plant their head offices. I love to have a beat on the happenings in the education industry so if you have recommendations on news sources I would love to hear about them."
Example #8
"I have researched your organization a great deal and see that you were recently featured in the news for your charitable efforts this past holiday season. I enjoyed what I saw and would be proud to work for a company who puts philanthropic efforts at the forefront of what they do."
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