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Describe to me your ideal employer.

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A job search isn't just a one-sided hunt. You must also feel as though this is a good fit for yourself. Tell the interviewer what your ideal employer may be. Be specific and be sure to keep the conversation positive. Avoid speaking poorly of any previous managers or organizations.

Admin answer example
"My ideal employer will trust me to get the job done without standing over my shoulder or critiquing everything that I do or say. I am highly competent and would like my boss to keep that in mind."
Basic answer example
"My ideal employer is one that brings charisma and passion to their work. I work best with organizations who have a penchant for learning and promote their employees based on performance."
Chef answer example
"My ideal employer is one that brings charisma and passion to their work. I work best with organizations who have a penchant for continuous learning and promote their employees based on performance."
Economist answer example
"My ideal company culture is one where employee engagement and growth is front and centre Engaged employees are more productive and a productive environment is the main factor I am looking for in my next opportunity."
Electrical Technician answer example
"My ideal company culture would be an organization that gives back to the community, takes care of its employees and promotes a healthy and positive workplace."
Electrician answer example
"My ideal company is an organization that puts their customers first. Being able to respond to a maintenance call quickly is half of the battle when it comes to effective trades work. I have researched your company and see that there any many great reviews from your customers online. This is great news to me."
Housekeeper answer example
"If you could dream up the perfect place to go to work each day, what would it be like? What type of building would you be in? Would you be sitting or standing? Would you be interacting with a lot of people, or would you be working independently? Would you be working with your hands or working on a computer? Would you be wearing a uniform? What would the culture be like? Once you have your ideal environment determined, pick the pieces that fit the job that you are applying to and share those! You might say something like this, "My ideal environment would be working indoors with my hands. I like working independently for the most part, but I like to have some interaction with people throughout the day. I am happy to work in many types of environments, but this is my preferred style!"
Kitchen Helper answer example
"My ideal company is a restaurant that prides themselves on creativity, quality ingredients and room for training and growth. From what I have read, your company offers all of these things."
Laboratory Assistant answer example
"My ideal company will have a very inclusive and positive work environment. They will encourage continued training and embrace a team environment. How would you describe your culture?" Allow the interviewer to describe their environment for you so that you can add more nods of approval if this is, indeed, the right company fit for you. "
Maintenance answer example
"My ideal company is an organization that puts their customers first. Being able to respond to a maintenance call quickly is half of the battle when it comes to effective building maintenance. I have researched your company and see that there any many great reviews from your customers online. This is great news to me."
Manager answer example
"My ideal employer will be forward-thinking and unresistant to change. I like to streamline processes, for instance, and I would love to work for a company that receives a request for change with an open mind."
Marketing answer example
"Ideally, I would work for an agency led by passion, curiosity, and a high amount of energy. I am enthusiastic about what I do and work best with like-minded creatives. I would also love to work for an employer who attracts great clients with big budgets and open minds."
Millwright answer example
"My ideal company culture is collaborative, encourages growth and investment in their employees. From what I understand through my research, your company embraces all of those things."
Mortgage Loan Processor answer example
"My ideal company to work for is a medium sized company that offers a strong growth plan for dedicated employees. Ideally, I am seeking an organization that values their community and gives back. A positive culture is very important to me."
Newspaper Editor answer example
"I like a progressive company that's always looking for ways to improve and that's willing to commit to small experiments to make incremental improvements. Ideally, I'd be working with people who are just as committed to excellence as I am, and my boss will be open to letting me earn her trust so that there's less communication overhead, meaning I can be more efficient and not encounter any bottlenecks that might delay my work and cause me to miss deadlines."
Nursing answer example
"My ideal work environment is one that inspires and motivates their employees."
Quality Control Manager answer example
"My ideal company is one that truly appreciates the hard work that their employees deliver every day. I am also looking for a work environment that encourages continued education efforts and internal promotions. From the research I have done, I see that you promote from within whenever possible. Also, I read that you have a tuition reimbursement program. That's really interesting and I would love to hear more about that."
Retail answer example
"My ideal employer is one that allows me to take the reigns when it comes to problem-solving. I like to be hands-on and prefer to work for people who value this in me."
Sales answer example
"My ideal employer is one that gives me a goal and then lets me run with it. I am creative when it comes to closing deals and building a sales pipeline. I would love to be working for a company that trusts my process and knows that I will land deals and exceed targets without having to be told what to do every step of the way."
Ticket Agent answer example
"My ideal company culture is a family-oriented and collaborative environment. I know this is the right environment for me as I am a team player and wish to matter within a team, as opposed to simply being a number amongst many."

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Describe to me your ideal employer.
No I was taught early on to ring out all circuits that will become inaccessible. You must always check your work.
No, but I have ran into difficulty with an old wiring of a three way switch. I still have yet to discover the problem. At some point three way switches were made differently, and I have yet to figure out an answer for how to use the existing wire for a new three way switch.
Yes. I did it many times. But at last I learned from my mistakes.
No never before I test and do final fix.
No - always test before you finish up the job.
I haven't had too much experience with a three way switch.
I never work in three phase because I m fresh candidate I do work in single phase in 6 month.
I have never had that happen to me.
Yes. I wired my dads house and the first room I started in had two ceiling fans and 2 lights. I crossed the 2 3 wires but changed back when terminating.
No I have messed two way switch on after a dry wall.
It is important to work in a supportive work environment where staff are eager to help eachother. Also, an institution that fosters learning, research and uses evidence-based research as guidelines to provide quality patient care. Lastly, I value a supportive managerial staff that provides debriefment for nurses who are stressed or burnt out.
A place that is safe, secure and therapeutic.
An ideal work environment would be were everyone works as a team to achieve a certain goal.
Working peacefully without any fights among staffs, co-operative attitude, not too much challenging but still can be sometimes, friendly environment, gossip free place, supportive and encouraging place, educative and preceptive.
I am searching for the answer.
Conducive environment , team working , respect for others, friendly staff, opportunity for career development and educational staff development.
Being able to come to a safe and enjoyable work enviroment. Bein able to work together as a team.
I would become an educator or policy maker and advocate for occupational therapy services.
I would more than likely become a yoga instructor and or work in a coffee shop because it would allow me to practice being mindful, developing patience, focusing on myself and also interacting with many people (By working in a coffee shop)
Funnily enough I would probably say a police officer. I have always wanted a career where I can make a difference and that provides a challenge every day.
Never thought about that, I always want to be an OT. I guess another position with children maybe social worker.
I would choose to be an OT assistant as this would allow me to be in the same line of work, using the same knowledge and skills while still doing something I enjoy.
I enjoy working with older adults best - their life histories are interesting and they mostly work really hard to reach their goals.
I think I would be a counsellor of some sort. Maybe working older people, as I'm very interested in care of the elderly, as you'll be able to see in my dissertation.
A career involving music and a career still where I am in a position helping others, as this I find so rewarding.
Interior design - I would like to let my artistic self be expressed.
I could image doing anything else.
If I could not longer be a therapist I would like to work providing information to firms to help them make the environment more independent and accessable to people with disabilities.
I used to be a bar and hotel manager so I suppose I could do that but I think I would prefer to open my own dog grooming business.
I am really not sure, I can only see myself within this type of profession. I am very passionate about occupational therapy and helping people become independet so definetely osmething within the healthcare or social field.
Fast Paced, Detail Oriented.
A company that is able to provide.
The goal of the company is to help their clients financially.
A company that not only see the success in business, but also the value in their employees.
A niche mortgage company one that who's only operations are mortgage and even so, a company that has a focus on only certain types of loans to better serve clientele.
A company who can give you the opportunity to grow providing constant training on any new changes within company and market in general.
A company that values my as a human being and not just a robot who will complete tasks. Who values and appreciates its associates.
Company that is innovative and exciting; one that utilizes my skill set effectively. A company that rewards its employees for hard work.
My ideal company to work for would be one that is fast growing, fast paced and where there is room for learning and advancement.
Strong in customer service and a friendly environment.
A challenging, reputable company with a lot of growth opportunities.
LMCU, non-profit, good advancement and challenges.
Company that has potential growth, friendly working environment, good.
A company that values their employees.
A company that knows how to recognize my skills and treat me with respect.
A company that invests in their employees. Wether its their work life balance or education.
An organization there I can get change explore my carrier and get chance to move for next level.
One that has growth and development with values and sincerity behind it.
Those which have parallel values such as the company I am applying.
Why I feel qualified to be a indirect lending processor.
Growth potential and high motivation for employees is valued.
Company with a good reputation as employer and well respected in the community.
An industry leader where I can bring my current skills.
I want to contribute to the profitability of company that is an industry leader.
Company always growing based on values that I share.
A company that treats it's employees fairly and with dignity.
A company to that provides me enough information and knowledge to do my job the best I can.
Incomplete information is the biggest task. Customer is not available and takes time to provide the information. Application rejection and follow up questions.
Stability and a chance to grow in the industry.
Which am working I be-leave is good company.
Any company that has good balance sheet.
One that values and supports their employees and promotes from within.
Colleges that have knowlage and trainning.
Stable & ethical company.
I would like to work at a company where everyone communicates all files.
An organization that invests in their employees, gives them opportunity to grow. Nothing is better than promoting from within.
A company that allows growth and recognizes good employees.
Commitment to Employees and Customers According to Finklestein, company culture is an important characteristic of a successful business. By company culture, Finklestein means a business' working environment, and he suggests successful businesses have an environment composed of workers who are suited to the jobs they do and policies designed to motivate them to continue working well. However, Champy also notes that successful businesses also have to take care of their customers, not only offering excellent customer service but also understanding their customers so well that they can anticipate and fulfill customers' needs. Attitude and Ethics To make their businesses successful, business owners need good attitudes. Without good attitudes, it is difficult to motivate people and far easier to anger them. According to Finklestein, a successful business often depends on the people you work with, and having a good attitude plays an important role in ensuring you are able to work well with others. In addition to staying positive, successful business owners also need to stay ethical. While it is easy to make unethical short-term decisions, they can hurt the integrity of the company in the long run, making it less successful. Training and Assessment To be successful, businesses need to commit resources and time to training their employees, as well any independent contractors with whom they work. According to Finklestein, the changing nature of business requires training that is not only continual but strongly rooted in the organization's business plan. For this to occur, companies must also implement frequent assessments of their trainings and operations. If an assessment uncovers a weak area, businesses need to address it through revising their methods.
My ideal company is a company that values their employees, have an infrastructure, fair wages for 2016, team players, management that listen to the vibe of the office, and have growth opportunities.
Small to Mid Size 10-500.
Reliable company, old, a lot of experience.
A company which trains you for what is required to do.
I envision myself working for the best company. One that puts their customers and team members first and creating a positive work environment.
I look for a company with a strong community presence that strives to to treat all customers fairly.
Company that stands behide their emoplyees respects us and understands me.
The ideal company to work for is a company that invest in the employees goals and futures.
A company with great teamwork as well as excellent customer service, great management, a competitive salary and opportunities for advancement.
Where there is training and room for advancement to build a foundation for a career, not just a job.
A company who has potential.
One where all team members work together for the good of the customer which ultimately works for the good of the company.
A company with growth and opportunity to teach and learn from individuals.
A company that realizes with actions, not just words that it's people are it's greatest resource and training, feedback, opportunity and recognition are all things that show you value them.
A company that truly care about their employees.
My ideal company would offer great benefit monthly bonus an offer growth with great raises.
A company that promotes within and believes in the true value of family.
A company that is fair, and cares for their employees.
One that is a leader in excellence.
One that is a leader in the market and in excellence.
A company that does well in the market or even listed on the jse,
The one that leads in excellency, development, training employees 4 xcellency.
A company that will be able to take care of its workers and do every work as a team so that we can move on time.
Working with knowledgeable people that I can learn from.
A company who takes a great deal of care in their workers. Somewhere where you are treated like a person.
Well I always wanted to work for a company like this. I Have done some research and I like the way you guys do things. And I would like the traveling part.
A company that respects the work home life mix and a company that works together for a common goal.
Once that is a leader in excellence and also in the market.
A small but tight knit group where everyone gets along and can cut up and carry on with no hurt feelings.
Colombus stainless steel.
A company that takes pride in there work and excellences.
A company that has room to advance my learning and placement within the company. One that treats their workers fairly and would appreciate the effort I bring to the table.
Any company I can retire from with a retirement plan.

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