Interview Questions that Shouldn't be Asked

To help you prepare for your job interview, here are 24 interview questions that are illegal (in most places) for an interviewer to ask.

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What is your nationality?

The interviewer should never ask this question but you can choose to play along or you can opt out of the answer tactfully. Asking a question in return is a very smart way to show the interviewer that the question is entirely inappropriate without having to say so in a point-blank manner.

Here are 2 options:

"I am proud to say that both of my parents are from Iran. They immigrated in 1988 and we have carved successful lives here ever since. I am very proud of my heritage. What is your nationality?"


"Oh wow, I have never been asked that question in an interview. How is this relevant to the position?"

Please note: If you are asked this question, you are within your rights to leave the interview and make an official complaint to the company's HR department or to your local labor standards board. Do not worry about blowing the interview. You do not want to work for such an irresponsible organization.

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24 Illegal Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. What is your nationality?

  • 2. What race do you consider yourself?

  • 3. Are you married?

  • 4. Do you plan on having children?

  • 5. Where were you born?

  • 6. What is your age?

  • 7. Since you are in your early twenties, do you think you'll be able to handle this job?

  • 8. Do you have any disabilities?

  • 9. Are you a Christian?

  • 10. What religion are you?

  • 11. Are you heterosexual?

  • 12. When do you think you'll get married?

  • 13. I see you are engaged or married, do you plan on having children soon?

  • 14. What year did you graduate?

  • 15. How is your health?

  • 16. Do you observe any religious holidays?

  • 17. Are you a social drinker?

  • 18. What is your native language?

  • 19. What is your birthday?

  • 20. Have you ever been arrested?

  • 21. What type of discharge did you receive from the military?

  • 22. Have you had any recent illnesses?

  • 23. What is the date of your last your last medical exam?

  • 24. What is your height and weight?