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How did you hear about this position?

This question has been answered 11 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

The interviewer would like to know a bit about your job search methods. Primarily, this question is for them to discover how they are attracting top talent like yourself! Your reply can be brief. If someone in the organization referred you, you should disclose that as well so that the interviewer can make the connection and the employee can receive recognition if there is a referrals reward program in place. This question is another opportunity to express your interest and excitement for the role also.

Addiction Counselor answer example
"I found the listing through a job board. Your ad was clear and eye-catching​. I appreciated the fact that there were so many job details."
Addiction Nurse answer example
"I found the listing through a job board. Your ad was clear and eye-catching. I appreciated the fact that there were so many job details."
Admin answer example
"I saw your job posting on when searching for administrative assistant positions in the area. The wording of your job posting caught my eye as it's a blend of fun but also hit a lot of great keywords that made it a match."
Anesthesiologist Assistant answer example
"I was recruited from LinkedIn by a nursing Recruiter. She reviewed my profile and felt I would be a great match for the position."
Basic answer example
"I saw your position posted on LinkedIn. It came to me as a suggested job posting. Their matching algorithm is super accurate; I have to say! I am so happy that I came across your job posting. Thank you for having me here today."
Janitor and Custodian answer example
"This one is easy! Openly share how you heard about the job. It may have been online, in the local newspaper, or from a friend. If a current employee told you about the job, be sure to mention their name; it will gain you extra recognition with the interviewer!"
Manager answer example
"I heard about your job through an industry connection of mine; you may know him, James Smith. He knows your company director who mentioned this role to him during an industry golf tournament. He prompted me to apply!"
Marketing answer example
"This industry is small, and I know a couple of your employees because I went to University with them! John Doe and Jane Doe. We hang out on weekends from time to time. When your company announced this opening, they sent me the link to apply."
Occupational Therapist answer example
"I was recruited from LinkedIn by a Healthcare Recruiter. She reviewed my profile and felt I would be a great match for the position."
Retail answer example
"I applied directly from your website. I have a keen interest in your organization and have auto-alerts set up for new positions in my city when they come up."
Sales answer example
"Your position was alerted to me on Zip Recruiter. It's the only website that I used because the postings are very accurate, and I can filter better than with most job boards."

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How did you hear about this position?
I know it by contacting and talking with an experienced person.
Originally referred to something commemorated.
I've always had a caring personality. I've always enjoyed and wanted to care for others such as my younger siblings, my mother when she became ill and for my grandfather during the last stage of his life. During A Levels, I took Psychology as a subject and thoroughly enjoyed it. During this subject, I had the opportunity to learn about the different mental health illnesses and found them incredibly interesting. Furthermore; I have had experiences of mental illness in my close family where I witnessed the positive work a mental health team was able to provide. This was the foundation on which I made my decision of choosing mental health nursing. In regards to the addiction service, during my last year of university, I had the opportunity to do a placement at an inpatient addiction unit. This placement turned out to be one of my favorite placements. I learnt so much, both in theory and practical skills. And I also felt I had gained confidence in my mental health nursing skills. For example; my communication and leadership skills development well as well as prioritizing my work load effectively.
I have the ability to gain the patients trust quickly and help them with the emotional healing they are seeking.
Because I genuinely enjoy the relational piece that detox nursing may offer. I am an advocate of integrative healthcare and believe my skill set best matches this clientel.
I find the feild of addiction nursing really interesting. I enjoy working with other agencies. I am a competent lone worker, but I have also noticed the good team dynamics in adiction medicine and nursing teams. I feel a lot of empathy with service users, and feel driven to try and help them access service which will help them in the long run, while providing other services for short term gain (e. G 3-6 months at 218 or crisis centre).
I companionate regarding individuals wiho are struggling with a drug or alcohol disease. I also feell they need a strong support system and to be monitored by medical professionals.
I want to be able to help patients.
I have a real passion in caring for others and putting their needs before mine.
I know people with addiction problems and want to help patients.
I want to help patient, as alcohol addiction causing so much troubles in the society.
I have a passion in caring for others well being before mine.
I want to help and support individuals through tough times.
For career progression and to specialise my career in a field I am interested in.
Help patients who struggle with addiction.
I want to help improve the lives of people suffering from addiction and help their families.
Will want to help patient. Most people have a misconception and sterotype patient with behavioral concerns. I also want to explore a different area of nursing due to my cultural background and learn more.
Promotional opportunity in current office.
I am a university of oklahoma alumni, and I have always thought it would be an honor to work for the university. I decided to check your website for any current openings that matched my skills.
I found out about this position on indeed. Com.
I was referred by a friend that received a call from your recruiter.
I learnt about it from the paid advertisement.
Give report to the new shift nurse.
Either prepare for my next shift, by reviewing patients. Or, talk to the next scheduled nurse and keep her up to date on the day.
Iwill recheck all my patients once again. And I will check for any pending works.
I will again search around anything I missed or not.
I would recheck if I have really accomplished all my duties and obligations on my shift, then I would talk to my patient make sure she is stable and all her needs were met, and if she needs anything before I leave. Maybe helpout other co-workers if they are getting behind their schedules.
Double check to make sure everything is done, charting, medication cart, empty garbages, clean cart.
Look at overall picture. Weigh up everything. Speak to people concerned.
Conisdering the options and taking my time. If time is not on my side look at the options and prioritise what is most important.
Fully analyse the consquences of each decision and ;look at how the long terms effects and whether it is worth doing so ornot.
Making decisions for me is a process which begins by gain an understanding of the subject matter and using available information and knowledge and skills I have developed in the course of my life.
I take some time to think about them, and if I think it would be helpful, I ask more knowledgeable people if they have any experience or thoughts on the situation. I then integrate these and go with what I feel to be the appropriate choice.
To make important decisions, I ensure that all inforamation is first gathered about the situation. This is completed through interviews of the client and significant others, observation and liason with team members. Once all the information is gathered, I consider the aspects of the person, environment and occupation before weighing up the options to make the best possible decision. The client and significant others are involved in this process.
Sound clinical reasoning, dissussion with the necessary people. Good documentation.
Using previous knowlegde about situation, analysing previous experiences, using clinic reasoning, discussions with other colleagues listening to their views and making decision from all information gather weighing the positives and the negatives.
I prioritize my different options and weight the pros and cons.
Write down possible solutions, consult with team members, discuss with client and family.
Look at and discuss all options and come to the option that has the best and safest outcome for the patient.
I weigh the pros and cons. I ask a trusted person for input.
It depends if I have the time I take the time analyze my choice if it is under pressure I quicky try to anaylze it and go with the best choice.
Getting consent from the patient.
Ultimately my decision making is guided based on who my client is and whose well-being I am supposed to be watching out for. So I will consider my own professional reasoning, influence from other health professions, family members, clients, and other members of the team but but ultimately I am going to make the decision that I believe is best for client working within the legal ramifications of each case.
Via team collaboration to make sure we are all on the same page about child's needs.
According to the problems.
Thoughtfully. I usually weigh the outcomes and put myself in someone elses shoes.
I usually like to draw up lists and compare pros/cons.
I like to anaylize the pros and cons of a situation and look at the possible long term effects of the decision.
I make a list of pros and cons of a situation and base my decisions on that list.
I weigh them in the order of importance. I am a big planner but I also know that I can adjust well to unforeseen circumstances. I am flexible but have a set plan going in to things.
I like to use my past experiences to help me make decisions as well as look to the people I am closest to for advice.
Think things through and weigh up the benefits of the decision and the shortfalls of the decision.
I makes sure to explore all of the options. I also usually consutl others who have knowlede in the feild because I don't always have the best answer and it is always worth the time to try and understand another person perspective. When all of the options are considered; it is I like to weight the pros and cons as best I can and make the decsison with the information I have.
I try to make decisions based off the majority that it is helping. Always try to help the most people and if I can do anything for the others I will.
I often go with a gut feeling. Before that, however, I need to know my options and have a good understanding of those options before I make my choice. A physical pro-con list may help organize my ideas, but in the end, a pro-con list of the options is quantitative and doesn't address personal priorities. I also consult with family and friends when seeking information.
I am a logic thinker & very organised individual. I like to think about the decision before I rush in an make the decision.
Listen, think long and hard, consider different options, weigh up options, identify pro and negative aspects of the decision, liaise with other members of staff for their opinions.
Take time to consider pro and cons of the decision and discuss the possible outcomes with my husband or those who may involved.
I make important decisions by thinking things out and how they will work out in the long run.If I do not think it is the best decision and it will not benefit later on then I need to re think this decision and try to find a way where it will benefit me and potential others around ud.
I look at the whole picture. So if its an important decision about a patients treatment plan - I strongly take into consideration the clients needs and wishes, the clients situation, the evidence-based theory which will underpin my decision and how my decision will impact on the patient. I like to discuss treatment plans with the patient, so that I give them the opportunity to give their opinion and thoughts of what I am suggesting putting into place - as ultimately it is about their welfare. And together we would put in place the best possible treatment plan and intervention which the patient is comfortable with and which will enhance their quality of life.
If the deision is about a patients care or therapy plan it would need alot of thought and need to be discussed with the patient, as patient centred care is the crux of what we do. It aso may need to be discussed with the MDT team or your supervisor for advice.
I make important decisions by heavily researching the decision at hand, I also really value advice from others about the particular topic. I make no rushed big decisions but consider all angles.
I would make an important decision by speaking to my senior, depending on the decision, if I feel I can make this on my own then I will, during supervision speak to my senior and see if I could have done this better.
I reflect upon the experience and consider realistic potential solutions and discuss them with others if necessary.
Weigh up all the facts. Discuss the matter with my colleagues. Seek help from my supervisor if I feel I am out of my depth.
Weigh up pros/cons, discuss with others if needed.
Weigh up the pros and cons to the situation and discuss with someone else.
Depends on the timing, weigh up options to consider the most suitable, least risk and most beneficial linked with clients feelings.
When I make important decisions I try to always focus on what the right thing is to do and not necessarily the easiest. I take my time and look at the situation from all angles. Once I have decided on a decision then I just do it, I do not spend the time going back and forth in my head.
Weigh up the pros and cons, possible risks v gains. Consult people with more knowledge if required.
I list the pros and cons, look at any potential risks to patients and/cost to the service. I work within policies and guidelines set out by the trust ensuring best practice.
Sometimes they are on the spot decisions, sometimes they mad by involving others so that you can bring other factors to their attention.
By looking objectively at the issue and weighing up the positive and negative. I will ask for professional advice if I don't know all options.
Lay out the pros and cons and think about long-term benefits of the solution. Especially when I am laying out a discharge plan for the patient. Should they go home, in-patient care facility, do they need more services, how would that benefit them.
I gather all relevant information and consult some one else before making an important decision. If it involves a client I will ensure them and their families are involved in the decision making process.
I usually gather all the information required and go through the process of pro and con. I take advice from my work colleagues if it is surrounding work and if it is home life related then I discuss with my husband.
I spend time working out the best options and for whom and if I need to I gain feedback and advice from other staff.
I process the information weighing the pros and cons, ask others for their advice and then come to a conclusion.
I imagine what the possible outcomes of the decision would be and then place myself in those scenarios. If I find that I dislike the circumstances I am imagining, I reexamine the question and possible answer for logic errors, and then repeat the process if necessary. Once I am satisfied with my thought experiment I allow myself to make important decisions utilizing logical and emotional reasoning.
Use evidence based research and clinical reasoning to weight the pros and cons then make the decision.
Ijmportnat decisions are made with a lot of thought given to the situation. I believe all factors should be conmsidered when making big decisiions that will potentially have an impact on a persons treatment. So calmy and very considerately.
My customers, teachers, friends and internet.
I'm a present employee applying for a promotion.
I heard about it through a job board online.
I am assertive and check craigslist and places of employment that may have a job opening that which I may qualify.
I seen a job posting online at a job workshop I attended.
I heard about this position from apply to education, the website.
Work force center on the north side of Minneapolis.
I heard through indeed. Com or ziprecruiter.
Mom asked my aunty. Aunty said there was jobs available. Mom told me about this.
It was posted in the newspaper.
Through my current employer.
My best friend told me about a job opening.
I have friends and family members currently working for the School Board.
I looked around online for janitor jobs and saw that your store was hiring and I thought it would be fun to work here as a janitor.
On the internet and friends.
I was searching for classified custodial jobs in edjoin and I came across this one.
I heard about this job while browsing cleaning positions on indeed.
I am friends with a fellow employee who worked in a different Housing section. We have been friends for a long time and when she heard about the opening she thought I would be a great fit and recommended me.
I looked around online for janitor jobs and saw that your store was hiring and I thought it would be fun to work here as a janitor.
I was called to work part time, due to a employee being out due to medical issues.

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