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Answering Career Goals Questions

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Do you have a big career goal that, right now, seems unattainable?

Example #1
"I have a huge career goal that involves me completing my MBA while working full time. I know it will take a great deal of dedication and discipline and it has been done before. I feel that this level of education will greatly assist me in this career."
Example #2
"I believe in the importance of setting meaningful career goals. When I dream of my ideal career pursuit, I am working towards becoming the executive assistant to the VP of this organization. I know it's a long way from a receptionist role, but I am willing to do what it takes to reach my goals!"
Example #3
"I encourage my team to have huge goals that seem impossible, yet are exciting. I set these for myself as well! Currently, my biggest career goal is to create an employee training course to be used company-wide. I have a lot of great ideas that have helped to increase tenure and morale."
Example #4
"My biggest career goal is to have a client portfolio existing of only enterprise-level clients. I know that is a big ask, but I feel that with a lot of hard work, continued professional development, and focus, I will be able to get there. This goal is what led my application to your company. You have bigger opportunities here that I am ready to take on."
Example #5
"If I could express any professional goal, it would be my dream to be a fashion designer. I feel the best step for me to take towards that goal is to work for a renowned fashion brand such as yours."
Example #6
"My biggest professional goal has been to be the #1 salesperson in my current organization. We have a sales team of over 200 people and, at this point, I am in the top 10. I would need to sell an additional $1M in products this year to reach that goal."
Example #7
"I love being an educator and have been enjoying my career immensely over the past 12 years. My biggest dream would be to return to school to achieve my Masters' in Education, returning to be a Principal. I know I possess the leadership skills to succeed at that professional level."
Example #8
"My ultimate career goal is to have an opinion segment on a national news network. I believe I can develop my ability to express my opinion without offending people and being someone that people want to listen to over the course of being a columnist here."
Example #9
"I hope to finish my career as a political analyst for CNN. I am from the DC area originally and would love to end up working at home, and before I get to that point, I hope this job covering politics will teach me how to talk casually about politics in a way that people understand."
Example #10
"My ultimate career goal is to become a news anchor. However, I still have some learning to do and I would like to first start in the news industry learning the inner workings. The news researcher position will teach me about finding the best kinds of stories so one day I can be the best at it."
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