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Talk to me about your geographical knowledge, rating yourself from 1-10.

"I would rate my geographical knowledge a 7.5 out of 10. There is room for me to learn more. Thankfully, I have a photogenic memory and can recall locations and facts very quickly once I have briefly studied the content."

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30 Trucking Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Talk to me about your geographical knowledge, rating yourself from 1-10.

  • 2. Name for me three of the transportation services offered at Company ABC.

  • 3. How is our ever-changing economy impacting the trucking industry?

  • 4. We offer competitive wages and a great compensation plan. What is most important to you, when considering a job offer?

  • 5. Carriers and shippers face many regulatory changes. How do you remain up to date on capacity, compliance, and safety standards?

  • 6. Do you have experience collaborating with drivers, dispatchers, and other crew?

  • 7. In this role with Company ABC you will be responsible for the safe and efficient delivery of customer freight. How will you contribute to our reputation for safety and excellence?

  • 8. How familiar are you with the US Department of Transportation and the part they play with Company ABC daily operations?

  • 9. Do you have experience working on an on-call basis? Are you able to meet our scheduling needs?

  • 10. Company ABC conducts background checks, drug, and alcohol testing. Are you able to meet these requirements?

  • 11. Do you have experience in the movement of hazardous material, restricted, or time-sensitive shipments?

  • 12. Trucking and transport require the ability to react quickly and professionally. How do you keep your cool in the face of change?

  • 13. Smooth communication is vital to the success of Company ABC. How do you ensure smooth workplace communication?

  • 14. The trucking and transport industry can be stressful and high-stakes. How do you deal under extreme stress?

  • 15. Company ABC seeks out employees who work hard, and show up for their team. What does having a strong work ethic mean to you?

  • 16. How extensive is the fleet at Company ABC?

  • 17. What is the FMCSA and its primary purpose?

  • 18. Are you prepared for substantial amounts of travel?

  • 19. Tell me about your post-secondary education and how it applies to the trucking industry. Are you interested in expanding your schooling, or gaining further certifications?

  • 20. Talk to me about a serious conflict on your team. How did you help to resolve the conflict?

  • 21. What were you doing during the gaps in employment that I see on your resume?

  • 22. When have you discovered a problem at work, and went above and beyond to repair the issue?

  • 23. Tell me about your least favorite personal trait, and what are you doing to improve yourself.

  • 24. What timeline do you feel is appropriate when responding to customers and other stakeholders?

  • 25. What are your favorite, and least favorite, tasks in your current job?

  • 26. Company ABC seeks out the most honest employees. Have you ever kept the remainder of an expense allotted to you?

  • 27. Tell me why you are leaving your current job.

  • 28. How would you handle a client who is exceptionally rude to you?

  • 29. How would you deal with a supervisor who is a poor communicator?

  • 30. Tell me about yourself.