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What do you know about Wegmans?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

As with any job interview, we recommend visiting the company website before arriving to learn a few key facts about the business. Being prepared with 4-5 facts will set you apart from other applicants during your interview. You might mention that Wegmans began in 1916. You may share that Wegmans has more than 45,000 employees. You might share that Wegmans offers a Menu Magazine. Or, you might share that Wegmans offers an employee scholarship program.

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What do you know about Wegmans?
A very good company to work for,
I know that wegmans is a coorporation that cares about their customers.
I know it's a family-based company that began in Rochester, NY, (I first shopped in one in Syracuse), and that it has expanded to many other states... Staying true to the feeling it's created in NY, as it grew.
That they are prominent on the east coast, They bring in about 6 billion dollars and they are a family owned company from Rochester NY
Wegmans is a family owned business started in 1916. And it is one of best Fortune Companies.
Wegmans is a family owned and family centered company that puts its customers first.
I know it was founded in 1915, I know it is the voted top 100 places to work in the Fortune Magazine since 1998, I know they are about quality, sustainability, customer satisfaction, consistently low pricing, community giving, food safety, freshness, cares about employees and customers.
That the company is known for being an organization that cares for eachother.
Wegmans originated in Rochester, NY and now has many locations in the upstate New York area as well as in other Northeast states. Customer service and high standards are key.
Wegman's is an incredible adventure to work for. It is listed as one of the top 100 business to work for. It's a company that has sustainability since 1916.
Wegmans is a major food corporate retail store, that engages in their potential to establish great customer service and exemplary food quality. Wegmans is key on integrity and diversity, in their honesty to creating a positive shopping experience to many customers and has been a favorited retailer produce establishment for many years.
They have high standard and care about the peoeple that shop there.
Their mission is to provide healthy meals at an affordable price.
I know that wegmans is a grocery store with amazing customer service.
I know that wegmans takes pride in their stores. They are listed on Fortune magazine as a great company. They take care of their employees and have pride in their product.
Its been noted as being one of the top 100 companies to work for; home base is in Rochester and many stores are found throughout the New England/upper Atlantic region.
Wegmans is one of the best companies to work for and be involved with. Wegmans is a profound, great business with a wide range of different food products, who set goals to satisfy their employees and also their customers as well.
I shop their on a regular basis.
Wegmans is a family operated company that has been around for many of years. Wegmans is outgrowing in their sales and in their goals and take pride in their work and also with their employees as well. Wegmans was founded back in 1916 when it simply expanded to become a big, family orientated, operating food market in the area today.
Very little. I have never shopped at one. This is going to be the first one in the Richmond area. I have heard people say they really like shopping at Wegmans. Must people I know are really excited that Wegmans is opening up stores in the Richmond area.
I personally know that wegmans has great customer service and excellent products.
I know that it is a strong growing establishment with an emphasis for customer service and a love for the communities it serves.
I know their core values. I know they value their customers and have great customer service.
Wegmans is a family oriented store that focuses on Food Safety and providing customers with the best possible service.
Founded in 1915 by John and Walter, 44k employees, 7 billion in revenue, & 86 stores in the northeast.
I know that it's a great place to work and shop. I have several friends who work or have worked here and I've never heard a negative thing about it. I myself have shopped here numerous times and have never had a bad experience.
That you guys have a very high reputation in not just retail business but in business in general. For example you guys have been featured on Forbes top 100 companies to work for. I also know that each wegmans store is very diverse with what it has to offer. Like a cheese section a wine section or restaurant section.
Family owned; started in Rochester, NY; was in Fortune Magazine as one of best places to work.
A great company great to their employees.
I know that I enjoy shopping here and that it was started in NY Rochester area. Family owned and operated just like our stand.
They value customer service and value of food.
I used to live in chester county and that was the first time I had ever been in one, my husband introduced me to the store.
I know that Wegmans has superior quality of products and service.
I know it is a great supermarktet.
They have been around since 1916, have become a feared leader in the food industry, top employer to work for, set the standards for exceptioal customer service.
That it is a family business that treats its employees well.
The CEO is Danny Wegman, Wegmans is the number one grocery chain with a reputation for making a difference, quality service and quality merchandise. Wegmans has a reputation for diversity, highly trained employees, fairness and attention to detail. I believe Wegmans was founded in 1918 and is in seven different states.
Wegmans is a family company founded in 1916 in Rochester, New York. Over the years, Wegmans has achieved reverence not only for its excellent customer service, but also for its outstanding treatment of employees.
What I know about wegmans is that you get a scholarship and that you guys are a family owned company.
Wegmans is a family owned business and was founded in Rochester, NY in 1916. The company takes great care of both costumers and employees.
I know the Wegmans core values. I understand and have experienced the shopping experience at Wegmans. I know Wegmans is a family-owned company that is undergoing significant but controlled growth in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic area. I know Wegmans is consistently rated on of the best places to work in America, generally ranked in the top seven of that list. I know it was founded in 1915 or 1916 by two brothers who had worked in their parents' grocery store. I know Wegmans was originally a produce company. I know Wegmans is privately owned, so there is not a great deal of financial information available regarding the company through ordinary sources such as quarterly and annual filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. I know Wegmans gross revenues for the last year were somewhere around $7.6 billion. I know Wegmans has over 44,000 U.S. Employees. I know Wegmans has its own 50 acre organic farm.
Wegmans is a grocery company, and are one of the fortune 500 company.
What I know about Wegmans is that they care about well-being and success of every person.
I Know they are family oriented working hard to serve their customers and one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Have an extensive employee training program, and the chain is owned by family of the founder John Wegman.
It is ranked the number one supermarket in the usa.
I know that customer service is the priority at Wegmans and I also know that Wegmans was rated the top national grocery store in the whole nation.
I know wegmans cares about their customers and employees.
Wegmans is a family operate branch of supermarkets, started in 1916 by john wegman.
I know that wegmans has been listed as one of the best companies to work for in more than one magazine, wegmans is a family owned business, and has stores all over the united states.
Family owned, and started business, in Rochester. Pride in their products. Reputation for diversity. High standards of customer service. Good work environment.
Wegmans has steadily progressed to the top tier of the highest rated employers in the country, and is considered the number one grocery chain in customer service and product quality.
They take their time in preparing food and do there best to make their customers happy.
I know that wegmans is a supermarket and that it provides the best service for its customers.
My best trait in my opinion is my patience or my positive attitude.
It provides great service and food to customers throughout our community.
They are one of the Top 100 companies to work for and they provide the best customer service of any grocery store I have ever encountered. They are a successful business, family oriented environment, they care about the little people. They provide an experience, not just a service.
I know that Wegmans is a family owned company which I respect greatly. I know they also offer a lot of generic store brand items which are often cheaper and of better quality. Also, they run their own organic farm market in NY.
I know that wegmans is very healthy and cares a lot about the world we see today as well as the future.
It has good food, good price, and friendly people.
Family owned store. Started in rouchesyer ny. I was at a job where there was a wegmans and went in to check it out. It was fantastic. So many different stores inside one.
I know that they have high standards, and excellent costumer service and will go above and beyond for their shoppers.
Wegmans is a great business that values respect, empowerment, high standards, making a difference and caring.
I know that Wegmans is named after the John and Walter Wegman back in 1917. They have a charitable foundation that funds education and research at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Its a well known super market.
They have a good reputation for treating their employees fairly. They have a good reputation with their customer for great customer service and fresh food.
Wegman's treats their employee's great and they have a great shopping experience.
I know that it is a supermarket with care for its customers.
It started as a brother to brother company and then it just blossomed. They use local farmers so it helps the community, and they are all about the customers, and very family oriented.
Wegmans is a food market that offers a high standard service and maximum satisfaction to the costumers and it has a good working environment.
Family owned company, they started in Rochester, one of the best companies to work for.
They were founded in 1916.
People love shopping at Wegmans. The store is clean and the presentation and selection of merchandise is excellent.
Wegmans cares about there employees and costumers, they believe in the highest standerds pursuing excellence in everything they do, they respect the opinions of everyone and they empower people to make a difference.

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