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Umpires and Referees Interview

15 Umpires and Referees Interview Questions

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How would you rate your eye sight?
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I would rate my eye sight very good.
I have excellent eye vision. I get my eyes checked very year.
I have a really good eye sight. I would say very close to 20/20 vision.
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Why do you want to be a referee?
User-Submitted Answers
I guess this is not just about the eyesight of every umpires or referees of different sports, this is all about honesty and it is our duty to tell what and how the rules and regualtions implemented.
I want to be a referee to ensure safety for all ages of kids playing minor hockey.
Work with children, be a part of sport and be active.
Ive always wanted to be one since I was little I would always call people out when I was little.
There are a few reasons: I love basketball, and I want to be a part of the game that can teach so many things to little kids.
I want to be a referee because I'm very athletic and want to use my skills towards some I enjoy.
I love the football and enjoy working with children.
I want to be a referee because I am passionate about the sport and want to teach the children about the game and how to play it.
I love football and want to be involved.
Because I want a job doing something I enjoy.
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How would you tolerate a screaming inconsiderate fan?
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I guess this is not just about the eyesight of every umpires or referees of different sports, this is all about honesty and it is our duty to tell what and how the rules and regualtions implemented.
I would tell them to either quiet down or they would have to watch from the parking lot.
Continue with the game, if it got to severe be patient with them and tell them or their coaching Staff he needs to stop/move. Or pay free kick against the team.
Give a warning to calm down. If the yelling continues send him off.
I wuld give a warning then I would ask them to leave if they are affecting the players.
I would politely tell them to calm down and let me do my job.
Give a first warning, if continued kickout of game.
I would give him a warning, and if he doesn't stop I will have to kick that person out.
I would really try to ignore the fan because its important to have fans in sports. If we have happy fans, sad fans, even angry fans, that's what fans are for. Some fans have different emotions towards sports, but I ever the screaming goes beyond that, I would alert the rink supervisor if available and have him removed from the rink.
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Do you have any obligations that might get in the way of refereeing?
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I have baseball games and practice and also school work.
No, but I do take my studies seriously.
I would do all the work I can to succeed.
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How much do you enjoy this sport?
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I live soccer. I've played since I was very young and will continue for a long time.
I enjoy this sport very much. I've been playing for 4 years and I'm still continuing.
I enjoy this sport a lot. It is what I work at all the time and I'm very passionate about baseball.
Hockey is my favourite sport I have loved it since I was really young and have played almost all my life.
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About Umpires and Referees

August 18th, 2017

A referee has authority to make decisions about play in many sports. Officials in various sports are known by a variety of titles, including referee, umpire, judge, linesman, commissaire, timekeeper or touch judge.