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Parking Lot Attendants Interview

15 Parking Lot Attendants Interview Questions

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How long do you see yourself working as a parking attendant?
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For a good Length of time.
I am expecting to graduate in 2017. So I am expecting to working till then.
As long as I learn new things.
Ballard high schoool adress.
I see my self working as a parking attendant for a while because I like to learn new things and to improve my knowledge more.
A few years.
As long as I possibly can.
As long as I can work for you.
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Did you miss any work at your last job? What were your reasons?
User-Submitted Answers
Not been told by my superior.
What does health and safety mean to you?
Yes I have missed days at work, it is usually related to sickness.
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Do you have a criminal record?
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Have you ever been caught stealing?
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I have never attempted to steal anything before and dont plan on trying it any time soon.
No I have not been caught stealing before.
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Tell me about your math skills.
User-Submitted Answers
My math skills are okay, its defenitely not my strong point.
Count without a calculato.
I have a distinction in city and guilds maths.
My math skills are average.
I can add subtract multiply and divide, I can do decimals and fractions. It takes me a little bit to answer but they are average.
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About Parking Lot Attendants

March 7th, 2017

Parking lot attendants work in parking lots or garages where they issue parking tickets to incoming drives. As part of their job, parking lot attendants also help customers with finding an empty parking spot when they come in, locating their parked vehicle when they want to leave and directing them to the exit.
There are no minimum requirements for this job. To work as a parking lot attendant you must be comfortable with handling money and be quick with calculating change as you will spend a major part of your day at work collecting money and handing over the change to drivers. At the end of the shift, you will have to add up the total that you've collected and hand over the money from the till to the person taking over from you. Excellent customer service skills are necessary for this job.
At the interview for a parking lot attendant job, you can expect to be asked a mixed variety of questions aimed at determining your communication and customer service skills a well as your familiarity with handling money. Make sure you spend some time checking out parking lot attendant mock interview questions so you know what to expect.