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How do you connect to the past?

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Historian Interview Questions

  • 1. How do you connect to the past?

  • 2. Do you work well on a team?

  • 3. What are you passionate about?

  • 4. Are you efficient with your time?

  • 5. What are your greatest weaknesses?

  • 6. What are your greatest strengths?

  • 7. What administrative experience can you bring to the department?

  • 8. What kind of assignments do you find most effective?

  • 9. How would you characterize your research interests in relation to our department?

  • 10. What do you know about our organization?

  • 11. What made you choose to become a Historian?

  • 12. What keeps you motivated?

  • 13. What are your career goals?

  • 14. Why are you the best candidate for us?

  • 15. How are your reading-comprehension skills?

  • 16. Are you a good problem solver?

  • 17. How are your communication skills?

  • 18. What is the most difficult part about being a Historian for you?

  • 19. What do you like least about being a Historian?

  • 20. What do you like most about being a Historian?