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Cake Decorator Interview

22 Cake Decorator Interview Questions

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How long do you foresee yourself working at this bakery, if hired?
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I see myself here for as long as 4 years.
I am 55 now so till I retire.
I make my mind to work in best shop of our city. One know once I start working here I will go for long term.
Until I would go to university.
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What do you like most about being a cake decorator?
User-Submitted Answers
The creativity, the teamwork, the satisfaction of pleasing a customer.
I love the art of decorating I especially love fine intricate details. When 8m decorating it's like I'm in a whole other world is my passion.
I enjoy decorating and make it a piece of art ive always had a passion for making cakes.
I like the creativity and detail of being a cake decorator. However, the most important aspect is making clients happy for their special events.
Decorating a cake is like bringing my imagination to reality, I see my finished cake in my mind and then start decorating.. Its my passion..
Being able to imagine and create a design and bring it to life. The finished product is always the icing on the cake for me. Literally.
The joy on the clients face.
I love exploring my creative abilities while ensuring the customer is happy with their pastries!
Since I am not an experienced cake decorator, but I know it use icing and frosting and other ediable items to make cake attractive.
I like creating. No matter what the art direction is, I enjoy seeing my finished product and being proud of it. Also, cake makes people happy, and I love to see a happy customer.
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Why should we hire you?
User-Submitted Answers
I have retail experience which means I can hit the ground running. I have basic skills in cake decirating which can be built on by practice and experience and my ability to become a good member of the team means I can be relied upon.
Experience retail. Good relationships keen quick to learn.
Cous I am a hard working always on time and have the speed for the job.
You should hire me as I am hardworking trustworthy responsible person. I an also very determine and I always strive for excellence I will make it a point of my duty to ensure that your establishment continue to grow.
I am a good time keeper, very reliable.
I have a great combination of education and 10 years experience in decorating and baking. In addition I am creative in my approach. Also important is that I owned my own business in Russian and know the importance of having good workers.
I am creative and innovative, a fast learner and I am passionate about baking and decorating. I believe you eat with your eyes first, so that in mind I strive to make baked goods look as appealing to the eyes. I am versatile and I am constantly thinking of new decorating designs and ways to improve on myself as well.
I am passionate in what I do and I want to be able to show you my full potential.
Because im well organised, flexible and never late.
Because I am a team player who understands the importance of a positive customer experience.
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Are you efficient with your time?
User-Submitted Answers
Yes I plan my cake making.
I am very good at managing my time. I set time frames for myself when reviewing what projects need to be done and I ensure that I am keeping to my schedule.
I am. I take the time allotted, make a plan and get it done.
Yes, I am attentive to my work and this helps me be efficient. Running my own business in Russia and keeping another full-time job at the same time demanded that I be efficient.
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Why did you choose to become a cake decorator?
User-Submitted Answers
It's something I really enjoy doing. I found frosting cakes simply to be enjoyable. And one day I realized a cake is no difference from a canvas, and the frosting is the paint. And even better than a painting, it's delicious!
I have allways make my childrens cake when they was tiny and enjoyed doing it.
Because it is a creative occupation, where you get immediate satisfaction through the appreciation shown by clients.
I would like to exercise my creative abilities while giving customers a great product.
Because it allows me to use my artist ability to make great treats.
Because its fun and I love doing it.
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About Cake Decorator

January 27th, 2017

A Cake Decorator is in charge of decorating cakes for a bakery or any kind of grocery store with a bakery inside. Cake Decorators will be asked to do more than just decorate a cake, they should be able to warmly greet any customer and consult with the customer about what kind of cake design they would like.

A successful cake decorator should be able to competently design a variety of cakes, from wedding cakes to frozen cakes. They should know how to operate basic kitchen equipment, like a mixer. They should be able to check on product inventory and replace expiring products with new products. A bonus for any cake decorator would be sales experience. Being able to upsell cakes and other bakery products would be a huge value added for any employer.