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What was your most challenging agricultural related, design project?

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Designing of centrifugal pump, and design of Hydraulic Bench.
Sandy and stone where there is unoften temperature.

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  1. 1.

    What was your most challenging agricultural related, design project?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Designing of centrifugal pump, and design of Hydraulic Bench.
      2. Sandy and stone where there is unoften temperature.
  2. 2.

    When is listening important on your job? When is listening difficult?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. When some one giving me advice in my work its listening important for me in my job, and when someone just talking to me irrelevant then its difficult for me to listen.
      2. Listening is a critical component for teamwork.
  3. 3.

    Tell us about a time when you had to defend a decision you made even though other important people were opposed to your decision.

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Hygiene issues are main and serious for us.
      2. When I have belief that I am going on right path.
      3. When I belief that I am going on right path.
      4. Whilst acting as manager for my section, I made a decision to have section supervisors get company emails for ease of communication and to keep them in the loop of operations so that when their foremen are not available, we have no problems of getting them up to speed and executing tasks. I explained this to my superiors who opposed this because they felt there were too many people on emails. I have tried to convince them on two other occasions. I will persevere until they agree.
  4. 4.

    What made you choose to apply to Agriculture?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Because I was an interest in this field due to problems in our country about food shortages, water scarcity and other environmental impacts.
      2. I have always wanted to learn about plants and work with plants this was my passionate.
      3. I always wanted work with plants and leaving creature also I have always interested in science. I enjoy to work with my hand and see how plants are growing . I used plant flower all my childhood.
      4. Because I want to develop Easy and reliable technology which will more production for Indian with less expenditure.
      5. The region where I live is well known for its Agriculture and this is the main reason I was interested in this from beginning, second is that my country is facing many problems related to Flood, food scarcity, energy and water shortage problems so I thought an agricultural engineer could be the leader to solve these problems and this maybe I am. This attracted me to choose agriculture.
      6. As our family is involve in this profession from recently two decades, it grew my interest in agriculture, I also want to share my knowledge of agriculture in this vast field to enhance my skills and abilities and do some thing usefull for mankind.
  5. 5.

    What type of agricultural equipment are you most familiar with?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Pumps, Sprinklers, Drip irrigation system, Basic agricultural Machinery, hydraulics equipment etc.
      2. Drip irrigation, tractor, broadcost spreader.
      3. I most familiar with the pumping, discharge measurement and surveying equipment. Also well known about planting and harvesting equipment.
  6. 6.

    Explain the Absorption of Minerals and water?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Taking of water and other fertilizers/minerals by plants from soil through roots.
  7. 7.

    What do you like most about Agricultural Engineering?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Soil and water conservation engineering.
  8. 8.

    What are your hopes for, in this position?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Insallah I hopes our agritultural sector is very broad and I can found job easily and I serve my knowledge in prctically for the prosperity of country.
  9. 9.

    What area of agriculture do you find most interesting and would like a long term career in?

  10. 10.

    Do you have experience with CAD technology?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Yes, # months diploma, and internship experience.
  11. 11.

    What is artificial chromosome construction?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Yes, 3 months diploma, and internship experience.
  12. 12.

    Have you planned a rural electric-power distribution system? Tell me about it.

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Yes, it was my mini-project in 4th semester of my graduation.
  13. 13.

    Do you enjoy traveling to work sites?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Yes, I enjoy a lot field work.
  14. 14.

    How did you get work assignments at your most recent employer?

  15. 15.

    How many hours a day do you put into your work? What were your study patterns at school?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Mostly I can easily adjust with my working hours, Maximum 14 hours a day I can put into my work. During school my study pattern was that 5 hours in school and 4 hours home study.
  16. 16.

    Are you ok working outside in poor weather conditions?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Yes, am easily adjustable.
  17. 17.

    During certain seasons, we work overtime, are you comfortable working overtime on projects?

  18. 18.

    Why did you pursue a career in agricultural engineering?

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. Because I have a good past in this field.
  19. 19.

    Tell me about a training program that you have developed or enhanced.

      User-Submitted Answers

      1. 3 months internship in High efficiency Irrigation system.