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What was your most challenging agricultural related, design project?

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Designing of centrifugal pump, and design of Hydraulic Bench.
Sandy and stone where there is unoften temperature.
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    What was your most challenging agricultural related, design project?

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    Tell us about a time when you had to defend a decision you made even though other important people were opposed to your decision.

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    When is listening important on your job? When is listening difficult?

  4. 4.

    What made you choose to apply to Agriculture?

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    What type of agricultural equipment are you most familiar with?

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    Explain the Absorption of Minerals and water?

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    What do you like most about Agricultural Engineering?

  8. 8.

    What are your hopes for, in this position?

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    What area of agriculture do you find most interesting and would like a long term career in?

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    Do you have experience with CAD technology?

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    What is artificial chromosome construction?

  12. 12.

    Have you planned a rural electric-power distribution system? Tell me about it.

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    Do you enjoy traveling to work sites?

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    How did you get work assignments at your most recent employer?

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    How many hours a day do you put into your work? What were your study patterns at school?

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    Are you ok working outside in poor weather conditions?

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    During certain seasons, we work overtime, are you comfortable working overtime on projects?

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    Why did you pursue a career in agricultural engineering?

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    Tell me about a training program that you have developed or enhanced.