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Why do you want this job?

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    Why do you want this job?

      How to Answer

      Recruiters and hiring managers often receive hundreds of applications per job. If you are lucky enough to land an interview, make some effort and research the opportunity. Think about how this job will help you in your career. You need to know not only what you have to offer them, but what they can do for you.

      While your passion and excitement for the job are essential, it's always good to have some hard facts to back it up. For instance, saying 'I have heard great things about your company, and I know I would be a great fit for this job,' is not very specific. If you find recent news articles or press releases which talk about the company's accomplishments, mention how that impressed you.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I am excited about this opportunity because your values are very much in line with mine. For instance, I care deeply about giving back to the community, and I see that your company tracks employee volunteer hours as a business KPI. Also, I believe I will reach my goal of earning a management position in the next three years since this organization has experienced rapid growth while maintaining a focus on employee career development."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Admin Interview

      "I have had my eye on new administrative openings in your company for some time now. I worked for your organization last year in a temporary admin function and loved the atmosphere. Your customers are friendly, and you have well-organized procedures - a factor that is important to me, as someone who values detail and organization."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Manager Interview

      "I appreciate the encouraging and positive mentality that I have seen from your management team and would be thrilled to join an organization that encourages collaboration, mentorship, and career growth. Our management styles will mesh very well as my primary strengths are in communication, connectedness, and inclusion."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Marketing Interview

      "I've been longing to get into the tech startup space for quite a while. I have researched the many options in our city and chose to apply here because you are disrupting a market that needs disruption with your ABC and XYZ products. Also, your culture is top-notch, and that culture comes through very well in your brand story."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Retail Interview

      "I have long viewed your company as the leading star in the apparel industry. I know that this position will be fulfilling for me because your company offers top-notch continued education and training. I am confident that I would gain the tools that I need to be successful in the retail industry. If you choose to hire me, I will leverage every learning opportunity that comes my way, and I will dedicate myself to your company's continued success."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Sales Interview

      "I identified your company as 'the one for me' over a year ago after meeting one of your recruiters at a college career fair. Since graduating from college, I have kept my eye out for a suitable position inside of this organization. I know that working here is the best way to begin my sales career, and I am ready to help move your organization to the next significant milestone by utilizing the knowledge gained from my degree in marketing and sales."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Teacher Interview

      "I have always wanted to work in this school district. Not only is this community the right fit for my family and me, but the role of a PTE Spanish language teacher is a dream for me. I have a passion for guiding students and igniting their passion for languages. I am sure to make learning fun, and I know that your district values those characteristics in your teaching team."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Floral Designer Interview

      "I have heard great things about your company and I know I would be a great fit for this job,"

      Elisabeth's Answer for a Court Clerk Interview

      "I want this job. Aside from it being close to my home, this role aligns perfectly with my post-secondary training and long-term career interests. If you were to offer me this role, you would not be disappointed."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Marketing Communications Manager Interview

      "I'm interested in your company, and this position in particular, because I've been longing to get into the tech startup space for quite a while. I have researched the many options in our city and chose to apply here because you are disrupting a market that needs disruption. Your culture is top notch, and that comes through very well in your brand story."

      Krista's Answer for an Occupational Health and Safety Technician Interview

      "I am pursuing a career as an Occupational Health and Safety Technician because my grandfather was seriously injured in an industrial accident at work. After an investigation, it was found that the manufacturing plant was not safely operating its equipment, and my grandfather lost his arm because of those unsafe practices. I want to be able to identify workplace hazards and help prevent anyone else from being injured while at work."

      Sue's Answer for a Landscape Architect Interview

      "If you had asked me in high school if I wanted to become a landscape architect, I would have replied: What is a landscape architect? I had a love for the environment, plants, nature, and outdoor spaces that stemmed from gardening with my mother since I was a child. During a road trip across Michigan, my uncle, an active member of the Nature Conservancy and environmental consultant, enlightened me that Landscape Architecture is a career that blends all of my passions. A few years later, I applied to Michigan State's accredited Landscape Architecture program and my journey as a professional landscape architect began."

      Audra's Answer for a Reading Teacher Interview

      "When I was in elementary school, I personally had a tough time with reading. I had a teacher who would take additional time out of her day to help me. She made sure I didn't fall behind. When I looked back, years later, and realized how important her role was in my education, it really inspired me to follow the same career path. I want to be a reading teacher because I understand the importance of making a difference in a child's life. And, I am really good at it because I genuinely care."

      Darby's Answer for a Family Physician Interview

      "I really can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a doctor. I really can't recall if there was a specific incident that happened that made me interested or if it was just something that came naturally to me. Becoming a doctor has been one of the greatest achievements of my life. I have no regrets at all about my career choice."

      Krista's Answer for an Activity Assistant Interview

      "I want a career as an Activities Assistant because I am creative and enjoy working with older adults. I was first introduced to this profession while visiting my grandparents in a retirement home. They had activities every day, and they asked me to join them in a game of bean bag baseball. On that particular day, they were short an Activities Assistant, and the Activities Director asked if I would mind helping her with the game. I had so much fun, and many of the residents said I should apply to become the Activities Assistant. That's how I chose this career path."

      Clara's Answer for a Translator Interview

      "I was first drawn to a career in translation right after I finished my undergraduate degree. I was wandering the halls of my university, and I noticed a poster for a graduate program in Translation Studies. I had been looking for a way to use my language skills in a future career that would allow mobility and continued learning, and this was it! That day, I scoured graduate programs for Translation Studies as well as what career paths looked like for graduates. I found that a career in translation can be as global as you want it to be, and I could learn with each text and language pair. The career allows me to use my language skills, have the option of mobility, and continue to learn. It's perfect!"

      Krista's Answer for a Thoracic Surgeon Interview

      "I chose a career as a thoracic surgeon because I come from a family of doctors and surgeons. Growing up, I would hear my parents and grandfather tell stories about patients they had. I was enthralled hearing stories about the lives they had saved and realized what a positive impact I could have on others' lives if I followed the same career path. My father and grandfather are plastic surgeons, and my mother is a thoracic surgeon. After hearing them talk about their professions, I decided thoracic surgery was more appealing to me."

      Josh's Answer for a Structural Engineer Interview

      "I have always been fascinated by the buildings that humans have been able to build. It blows my mind that the Great Pyramids and Roman aqueducts and the Coliseum are still standing. These monuments to structural engineering brilliance might stand longer than anything modern humans are able to design."

      Ronda's Answer for a Board Chairman Interview

      "I studied finance in college and have held various roles in finance and management. My goal of becoming a board chairman comes from my desire to positively impact your organization in a leadership role, and more importantly, I want to help make decisions that drive you closer to fulfilling your overall mission."

      Nisha's Answer for a Budget Analyst Interview

      "I have always enjoyed playing with numbers, analyzing data and situations, and trying to find the best solutions for complicated situations. When I learned about budget analysis as a career choice, I immediately knew that this is what I wanted to do. This is a great career that comes with many learning opportunities. Budget analysis is challenging and gives a sense of accomplishment when your suggestions become part of a solution."

      Lindsay's Answer for an Analytical Chemist Interview

      "In school, I developed a great interest in the chemistry area of science. Not only was chemistry an area that I found I excelled in, but I also greatly enjoyed the continuous learning aspect of the chemistry field. No two things that I work on will be exactly the same and I really enjoy that aspect of the field. I am always looking to grow my skillset in some way. I have an interest in comparing data and found that in school, I had a passion for reviewing test results in detail and compiling, and analyzing the data really intrigued me. I feel that analytical chemistry is the best of both worlds for me in that I get to work with science and data in my everyday work."

      Ryan's Answer for a Training and Development Manager Interview

      "I thoroughly enjoy teaching and instructing. I thrive on finding new ideas and creative ways to present the learning material. I also enjoy being in a leadership role, helping other individuals to grow and improve. I like the challenges that come with each new training and development program. Overall, one of the most enjoyable factors for me is planning, researching, and learning. Once I find out what the company stakeholders are looking for from me as an instructor and the results they are looking for the employees to achieve from my training, I see it as a challenge to exceed all expectations. When I can have fun, learn, develop team-building skills, and help people with their communication strategies, it's gratifying. My career as a Training and Development Manager has been incredibly rewarding."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Apartment Leasing Agent Interview

      "I look for a consistent history in their work and personal life. Consistency is important because if they stick with a job, they are most likely to stay longer and be respectful tenants who pay their lease on time. Personality-wise, I have tenants of all kinds; however, the common denominator is consistency."

      Sue's Answer for an Architectural Drafter Interview

      "From my research, and from what you've told me about the growth opportunities at your company, it seems that 3D technology and Revit training is where the heavy emphasis is going to be. I'm interested in participating on several different projects to get to know the various team players and learn how I can best contribute to the success of the company. With my advanced knowledge in Revit and my background in training others in drawing technologies, it seems this is an area where I could contribute toward the company's goals, and help build a team of expert draftsmen."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Medical Transcriptionist Interview

      "I'm task oriented and self-motivated. I actually enjoy having a lot of work to do and challenging myself to complete my work in a timely manner. I also really like typing and the feeling of bringing a sense of perfection to the job."

      Heather's Answer for an Autopsy Assistant Interview

      "I've been an Autopsy Assistant for three years and have learned so much. It offers a mix of short-term projects and long-term goals. My organizational skills allow me to successfully multi-task and complete both kinds of projects and be successful."

      Emma's Answer for an Accounting Professor Interview

      "I want to work as an accounting professor because, while I have an interest in accounting, I also have a passion and interest in teaching. While teaching a few seminars over the last few years, I started thinking about how much my education has benefited me. I want to be able to teach others in a traditional classroom environment. I also know that my communication skills would be useful in this role."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Heavy Equipment Operator Interview

      "I have always had an interest in heavy equipment. As a teenager, I helped my dad on the job site in the summers and he would let me operate the smaller pieces of equipment. I guess you could say it's in my blood. I plan to be an operator for many years to come."

      Nisha's Answer for an Attendance Clerk Interview

      "I always wanted to be in an educational administrative role. I believe that by being an attendance clerk I can get closer to my objective. Also, I love the sense of responsibility that comes with this job."

      Marcie's Answer for a Bank Manager Interview

      "When I was in college, I began working as a teller in a local bank. I chose this job because I'm both analytical and personable. I ended up really enjoying the work because I was able to handle money and crunch numbers while also providing an exceptional experience for customers. After some time, I moved up to the head teller position, which allowed me to develop my leadership skills, and I also graduated with a bachelor's degree in finance. Given my strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills, coupled with my degree and multiple years of experience working within a bank, I know that I am well suited to be a successful and effective bank manager."

      Krista's Answer for a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Interview

      "I chose a career as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist after visiting my mother in a psychiatric hospital when I was 16 years old. My mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and was admitted to a hospital for therapy. The Therapeutic Recreation Specialist helped my mother so much in her recovery, and I decided I wanted to enter this field and help others in the same way."

      Christine's Answer for a Training Specialist Interview

      "When I first entered the workforce two years ago as an HR Assistant, I had a tough time learning some of the complexities of my multi-faceted role. Luckily, the company had a Training Specialist on the team, and this was the first time I was exposed to the fact that this career option even existed. This Training Specialist delivered many informative sessions, and she would often take time out of her day to help me succeed in my job. She encouraged me and made sure I didn't fall behind. I genuinely appreciated the care she took to ensure my career started strong. I quickly realized how important her role was in my career success, and her influence inspired me to follow the same career path. I want to be a Training Specialist because I understand the importance of making a difference in someone's professional life. I genuinely care about the success of others, and I enjoy guiding people. If Company ABC chooses to hire me for this Training Specialist role, I will be a diligent and enthusiastic coach and trainer for your well-deserving team members."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Study Abroad Advisor Interview

      "I did a semester abroad in Hong Kong during my study in university. I enjoyed learning with students from different cultures and parts of the world and was able to travel across Asia during that semester and grew personally and interpersonally. I want to help others be able to achieve that dream."

      Cassandra's Answer for a Youth Program Director Interview

      "I want to be a Youth Program Director, because I want to make a difference in the lives of the children. Unfortunately, there are many children in the population that are growing up without positive role models in their lives. I want to change that and continue to create a positive environment for the youth to grow and thrive."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Administrative Officer Interview

      "I understand that first and foremost, I am to be a reliable support to the executive team, department managers, and a variety of associates. In this role, it will be up to me to maintain budget reports and schedule travel arrangements for the executive team. I must also ensure that company records and policies are up to date and well-organized. There are many facets to this role; however, I believe that these are the primary responsibilities I will be facing."

      Elizabeth's Answer for a Boilermaker Interview

      "I've always had a technical interest, whether it was working on electronics at home or repairing my own cars. I got into this field as part of another job I was working on where it was necessary for me to learn some of the skills of a boilermaker. I met several influential people who were willing to help me get an apprenticeship, and I later moved on to working as a contractor for a local company. I find that this field gives me an opportunity to combine my technical interests as well as my desire to be working with my hands."

      Lindsay's Answer for a Biochemistry Technician Interview

      "I have always enjoyed science but I became truly interested in Bio Chemistry because it is such a rewarding career. Many patients currently rely on medications and vaccinations to be produced in a Chemistry Lab. There are so many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people through BioChemistry, which makes me so excited to continue along this career path and to play a part in a company making a positive impact on the world."

      Darby's Answer for a Veterinarian Interview

      "From the time I was a kid, I loved animals. I grew up on a farm and was taught to care for them. As I got a little older, I was taught how to give animals their immunizations and other medicines and helped deliver new animals when needed. I knew I wanted a career working with animals and have never regretted choosing veterinary medicine."

      Krista's Answer for a Toxicologist Interview

      "Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated with biology. In high school, I had a biology teacher who had worked as a Toxicologist, and he would describe what his job entailed. I talked with him at length about the profession, and he set up a meeting with a former colleague. His friend gave me a tour of the laboratory and explained what schooling I would need. Over the years, he became my mentor while I was earning my degree. I find everything about this profession fascinating."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Audio Engineer Interview

      "I knew I wanted to be an audio engineer the day I stepped into a control booth. I saw the audio engineer controlling what everyone was saying on air, and I knew that my skills of having a keen ear would make me a perfect fit."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Assistant Principal Interview

      "I want to improve the structure of the school holistically, from staff relationship to classes implementation and professional development."

      Amy's Answer for a Staffing Manager Interview

      "As a supervisor in my current role, it was my job to evaluate the attendance and performance of my staff. I noticed that we had significantly more sick day call-ins on Mondays and Fridays. After reviewing this data, I also reviewed our work logs for Mondays and Fridays and found that we had fewer HR inquiries on these days. I decided to pilot an alternative work schedule and allow our employees to take Monday or Friday off and start a new 4/10 schedule. The employees were thrilled, and our unexcused absences decreased significantly."

      Heather's Answer for a Bacteriologist Interview

      "A great job is one where I am excited about coming to work, and that's what I think this position offers."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Dishwasher Interview

      "I would like this job as a dishwasher because I am looking to gain experience in a restaurant environment. The hours posted for this position work perfectly around my schedule as I am currently enrolled in part time college studies."

      Ronda's Answer for an Art Director Interview

      "I am interested in pursuing a career as an art director because I am passionate about bringing different people together to create aesthetically beautiful and coherent designs. I have many years of leadership experience where I have managed various artists and integrated illustrations, graphs, and photographs to compose art projects for movies, magazines, and blogs."

      Christina's Answer for a Writer Interview

      "I have made a living through writing for some time now. I am creative, thoughtful, and expressive, making me very good when it comes to storytelling and communication. Writing makes me happy. I love the variety and the fact that it allows me to research interesting topics."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Kitchen Helper Interview

      "I would be very thankful if chosen for this opportunity. The hours work perfectly with my college schedule and it would greatly help me financially. Also, the kitchen experience gained will be invaluable."

      Clara's Answer for an Airline Steward Interview

      "I want to leverage my skills to serve others and support people in getting where they need to go. I am a very customer-focused employee, and I get a lot of energy out of working with others. Of course, I love to travel, but more than that I love to learn from the people I meet and the interactions I have with them. I believe this career perfectly aligns with my passions and career aspirations."

      Clara's Answer for an Application Database Administrator Interview

      "I am most interested in and inspired by the company's determination. As an industry leader, this company strives for greatness daily and does so by respecting and valuing employees and the community it serves. The mission and vision of the company welcome challenge and opportunity in a bold and refreshing way, and I admire that. I am very interested in supporting the company and playing an integral part in driving innovation forward."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Territory Sales Manager Interview

      "I enjoy sales and business development. I furthermore believe that my relationship building and customer-oriented skills, in addition to my educational qualifications related to this field- and the courses taken in my studies, have contributed to my desire to pursue this career."

      Ryan's Answer for a Medical Assistant Interview

      "I am not married and have no children at this time. So, I am pretty flexible with my schedule. If I had a choice, I would prefer the late shift, as I am a bit of a night owl. However, I am excited about the opportunity to become a part of this team and am willing to work where I'm needed."

      Heather's Answer for an Addiction Counselor Interview

      "If someone had told me many years ago that I would have chosen a career dealing with addiction, I would never have believed them. I love psychology and have always wanted to help people. It wasn't until I really began to research the different types of counseling that are available that I realized the critical role that many addiction counselors have in the lives of those who are struggling with addictions. The more I researched, the more I felt like this is what I was meant to do."

      Audra's Answer for a Student Advisor Interview

      "Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a few very influential people in my life who encouraged me and called out the best in me. One of those people was a teacher I had in high school, and the other was my uncle. I am so grateful that those two men took time out of their lives to pour into me and help me make some difficult life decisions along the way. I want to do the same for students who are just beginning to get to know themselves and have a lot of life in front of them. I want to be a resource for students and a safe place to land. I am so excited for the opportunity to get to know students and walk with them through their schooling experience."

      Heather's Answer for a Bacteriology Technician Interview

      "The part that really spoke to me about this position was the chance to combine both the research skills I gained from being an intern and my ability to quickly pick up how to use various laboratory software. This position will actively let me grow and learn from other medical professionals."

      Darby's Answer for an Urologists Interview

      "The quick answer is that it is the only rotation I really enjoyed during third year. I had good experiences and good teachers on every other rotation too, but urology just felt right, in large part because of the urologists I met."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Nursery and Greenhouse Interview

      "I love working outside and with a team of people who are passionate about caring for plants. I have enjoyed practicing with my own garden and I want to learn more by working for your company."

      Heather's Answer for an Addiction Nurse Interview

      "If someone had told me many years ago that I would have chosen a career dealing with addiction, I would never have believed them. I have always wanted to help people. It wasn't until I really began to research the different types of patient care related fields that are available that I realized the critical role that nurses can have in the lives of those who are struggling with addictions. The more I researched, the more I felt like this is what I was meant to do."

      Samantha's Answer for an Auditor Interview

      "I want to be an auditor because I love puzzles and mysteries. I love to find out the root cause of an issue or a document and know that I found the origin. It makes me happy to help a company be compliant with their financials and information."

      Christine's Answer for a Payroll Specialist Interview

      "Since starting my career in the field of payroll, I have enjoyed working with complex numbers and improving the efficiency of numerous departments. In addition to what I have heard about your organization, I have also done my own research, and I have great interest and respect for the industry you serve and would love to utilize my knowledge and learn and grow my skills with the organization."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Animal Shelter Worker Interview

      "I love working with animals, especially dogs and cats! I have always wanted to help with the animal adoption process. It's so important to find a safe home for displaced animals."

      Heather's Answer for an Alcohol and Drug Counselor Interview


      William's Answer for an Application Analyst Interview

      "I have always had a great desire to learn new things and investigate items and topics I encounter in my daily activities. This thirst for knowledge and the ability to look at a topic's details helped me develop intuitive analytical skills. I became very excited when I learned that my natural tendency to analyze things could be turned into a career as an application analyst. When I entered college, I immediately enrolled in a program that would help me acquire the skills and background needed for this profession. Once I obtained my first position as an application analyst, I knew I had chosen the right career, and I've never looked back."

      Audra's Answer for a Swim Instructor Interview

      "I have always had an interest in the water, even as a child, I would help my siblings learn how to swim. Being a strong swimmer is one of the most important life skills, and it's so vital to start at a young age. I am really happy to be able to facilitate that knowledge and teach people how to be confident in the water."

      Krista's Answer for a Virologist Interview

      "I chose a career as a virologist after working as a lab assistant. I was interested in the research I was conducting but was drawn to the role of the virologist. I enjoy leading teams and coaching others, so I applied to medical school and began working on achieving my goal of becoming a virologist."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Bailiff Interview

      "I want a career as a Bailiff because I (X reasons for having decided to pursue that career, such as passion for this field and why, e.g., my father intruded me to this career as a child) I have since acquired the necessary skills for this career, such as obtaining the relevant educational qualifications and skills you are looking for, through my professional and volunteer experience."

      Heather's Answer for an Addiction Psychiatrist Interview

      "When I was in private practice as a psychiatrist, the majority of my patients were suffering from addiction. I realized the great need and decided to pursue the addiction field. I am happy that I made this decision as I have helped others to heal, and have brought families back together. In addition to all of this, I have learned a great deal myself about forgiveness, the importance of facing your issues, and just how much perseverance we can have as human beings."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Correction Officer Interview

      "I was attracted to a career as a correction officer for a variety of reasons. My father was a correction officer and, as a child, I recall seeing him come home in his uniform and showing a sense of pride. His job was to protect. After I left the military, I decided that a career as a correction officer would be the most natural and positive transition for me."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Daycare Worker Interview

      "I love kids of all ages; however, I would say that age 2-4 is my favorite. Preschool children, such as the ages you care for at this center, are so curious, inquisitive, and eager to learn. The attributes of preschoolers make it fun and rewarding to teach them the basics of math, reading, and socializing."

      Darby's Answer for a Surgical First Assistant Interview

      "When I was younger, I thought of becoming a surgeon. As time went on, I really didn't feel like I wanted to spend the number of years required to become a physician and then to specialize in surgery. For me, the next logical choice was to be a surgical assistant. I still get to be in the operating room and have a part in helping people be better, but I did not have to go to school for as many years as becoming a surgeon would have required."

      Darby's Answer for an Activities aide Interview

      "I love working with people. At one time I considered going to nursing school, but I just wasn't sure if that was the right choice for me. I visited some different healthcare facilities and realized how active the Activity Director and the aides who worked with her were in their patient's daily lives. I just felt like this would be a great fit for me."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Campus Tour Guides Interview

      "I want to get more professional experience to build up my resume. I know that I will have to sacrifice some of my social life in order to work, but I think this job will help me maintain a healthy balance."

      Neha's Answer for a Behavioral Health Technician Interview

      "I wanted to pursue a career in behavioral health because I am passionate about helping patients create a positive and healthy environment to help them overcome mental health disorders. Last week I helped a patient suffering from alcohol addiction realized that this is what I want to dedicate my time to."

      Allison's Answer for an Engineer Interview

      "I initially became interested in engineering after participating in robotics club in high school. I loved learning new skills in math and science and getting to actually apply those ideas to make something happen. Ultimately, I chose to major in civil engineering because I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and I like seeing that my projects have a direct, immediate impact on people's lives. In structural engineering, I've found I can combine my initial interest in programming, that I developed in robotics club, to model complex structural systems in buildings that people use every day. "

      William's Answer for an Application Developer Interview

      "Application software or apps are programs that perform specific tasks and help people accomplish something. They include general apps such as word processors, spreadsheets, and games, as well as specific apps including accounting software, educational programs, and business-specific applications."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Baker Interview

      "I would really love to secure this job. It would make my life so much simpler as this bakery is just down the street from my home. I am passionate about the type of products and quality that comes out of your facility and that would make me very proud to work for you."

      Heather's Answer for an Allergist Interview

      "I have set my sights on a career as an Allergist as soon as I started medical school. Studying how immunotherapy works with the human body has always intrigued me."

      Heather's Answer for a Pharmaceutical Sales Interview

      "For the last 5 years I've been a Digital Marketer for the Healthcare field. With my medical background and personality, I knew I wanted to get into medical sales. This last year, working alongside pharmaceutical sales reps, assisting​ them with their marketing information confirmed that this was a role that I was ready to move to."

      Christina's Answer for a Voice Writing Reporter Interview

      "I believe this career is a perfect choice for me because I have always loved writing and find myself as a very quick typer. I am interested in learning about the topics I am writing for others to read easily."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Academic Dean Interview

      "I have set my sights on a career as an academic dean as soon as I began teaching at the university level. I feel that it will be a fulfilling way to compliment my career in Education, and is one of the primary reasons I completed my Ph.D."

      Lindsay's Answer for a Chemical Technician Interview

      "While I have always enjoyed science, I became truly interested in Chemistry because it is both a rewarding career and necessary for so many individuals throughout the world. Many patients currently rely on medications and vaccinations to be produced in a Chemistry Lab. There are so many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people through Chemistry, which makes me so excited to continue along this career path and to play a part in a company making a positive impact on the world."

      Darby's Answer for a Blood Bank Laboratory Technician Interview

      "I have often been complimented on my relationship building skills. I like to get to know people and ask them questions about themselves; I find it's a great and simple way to start building rapport with others. I consider myself to be a strong relationship builder and take pride in my 'people skills'."

      Clara's Answer for a Wedding Planner Interview

      "Yes, I find that I am best able to support the couple to the fullest extent when I have a greater sense of the event. So, I rarely accept contracts for day-of support only. I generally like to be working with the couple for a minimum of 2 months prior to the wedding."

      Rachelle's Answer for a 3D Animator Interview

      "Since I was young, my dream was to be an animator. The stories that I can tell through my craft and art are therapeutic to me, and I have a lot of fun at the same time."

      Nisha's Answer for an Underwriter Interview

      "I love working as an underwriter because I feel that by doing this job I am being valuable not only for the organization that I am working for but also for the society. I get to use my analytical skills, critical thinking and decision making every day. The challenges that I face every day as an underwriter and the risks that we face is an extra bonus in itself."

      Clara's Answer for a Wedding Photographer Interview

      "I have been shooting weddings and similar events for 3 years, totalling over 15 weddings over my career thus far. My portfolio includes indoor and outdoor weddings, intimate family gatherings and much larger events, and weddings that span from 1 afternoon to 1 full week."

      Rachelle's Answer for an Athletic Trainer Interview

      "Growing up, I was always very involved in sports. I felt that if I couldn't make it as a professional athlete that I wanted to be the person to help train and rehabilitate those that could. It's gratifying work for me."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Customer Representative Interview

      "I really enjoy the interaction with people and find no problem answering even the most trivial questions. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when solving problems or helping customers out in one way or another. I've always been a social and outgoing person so a job that lets me talk to and help people is perfect for me."

      Christina's Answer for a Voice Over Artist Interview

      "I want to become a voice over artist because I have been told what a strong and unique voice I have, and putting my passion into each time I speak is what makes me happy."

      Ryan's Answer for a FBI Interview

      "After spending seven years as a police officer, I started seeking something bigger, with more robust challenges, and various cases. I was approached by a friend who has been an FBI agent for many years now and, what he described as his career, was precisely what I had been seeking. I want to make a bigger difference for my country by serving a broader range of cases and people."

      Rachelle's Answer for a Bank Compliance Officer Interview

      "I decided to pursue a career as a Bank Compliance Officer because I [X reasons for pursuing that career, such as a love of banking, and so on]. I sincerely feel the position I applied for is a perfect fit as I will be able to use my banking skills and compliance experience."

      5+ Community Answers

      Anonymous Answer

      "I am excited about this opportunity because your values are very much in line with mine. I deeply care about giving back to the community within the transportation industry. I also feel like this job will help me reach my goal of working in a management position, because of the leadership opportunities within this role."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Very good response! You are offering short and long-term options for job satisfaction which is exactly what the interviewer wants to hear.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I want this job because it has many opportunities to move up my career to the next level by attending the training class, learning different jobs, and working in specialty programs. It is one of the most prestigious companies in the country and has an excellent reputation. I will uphold this company's integrity."

      Rachelle's Answer

      You certainly have the right idea! Try adding in specifics so the interviewer knows you have done your homework on the role.

      "I want this job because {company} offers many opportunities for advancement, starting with this role. I see you have many specialty programs available for your employee to gain new skills, such as {program name}. I am interested in joining a company like yours who is all about helping employees grow in their career."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I am excited about this opportunity as your values are in very much in line with mine. I am interested in participating in your intensive training program with new technology in healthcare. It will give me an excellent opportunity to understand new challenges and make me ready to face them."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Your interest in their intensive training program is a great reason to join. If possible, dig into even more detail regarding which aspects of this program you look forward to the most.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I am currently seeking an operationally strategic leadership role with a focus on talent development. This department is what I have chosen due to the diverse background of the leadership team, transparency in communication style, and solid coaching. This opportunity very much aligns with my personal and professional long-term goals."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Great! Be prepared to speak a bit more about what your long-term professional goals look like. I have reworded slightly for clarity.

      "I am seeking an operationally strategic leadership role with a focus on talent development. I chose this department due to the diverse background of the leadership team, transparency in communication style, and solid coaching opportunities. This opportunity very much aligns with my long-term professional goals."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I am looking for a company where I not only enjoy what I am doing, but I can also grow into new positions. I want a company that allows me to learn more and expand my capabilities into new areas. The fact that you offer training workshops and love to see your employers have a career growth shows me that we share the same values."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Fantastic job answering this question! It's great that you also tied a line between your values and the company's offering.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "My skills and qualities are a good match for this job. I have learned a lot of knowledge and skills in xxx area. I have strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. I can use this knowledge and skills to solve the problem. Also, I have a strong learning ability and a can-do attitude. When you give me a task, I will learn the new knowledge quickly and finish the task with excellent results."

      Marcie's Answer

      Don't forget to also mention your interest in the company as well. You could likely find similar roles at other companies, so why do you really want this job at this company specifically? Make sure to explain that to the interviewer so your passion for their company shines through.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I have been interested in this hospital and its mission and goals since I was an IPPE and APPE student with a few assigned rotations there. I am a huge believer that spirituality and the practitioner's approach to their patients play a huge part and have a positive impact on the patient’s recovery journey from illness. Seeing that spiritual care is fundamental to this hospital's identity makes me realize that my values and goals for the ill align with your company. As for the position itself, I have an interest in being part of an inpatient setting, as I would be able to care for patients who typically have more complicated conditions than those in an ambulatory setting. Understanding the importance of dosing and monitoring drug therapy for patients encourages me to play a key role in this process and get more exposure in this field and build new skills. Ultimately, I believe this position would help me expand my clinical knowledge and improve health outcomes for patients. Also, as a PRN pharmacist, I will be able to cover for pharmacists who work in different units and areas of the hospital and gain experience in each. That will help me reach my long term goal of finding an area that I love and eventually specialize in."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Very good answer! You have a lot of compelling reasons to want to join this hospital! Your enthusiasm for the role shines through, as does your understanding of the responsibilities you would face.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I am very excited about the medical device field and how it improves people's lives. I am looking for the opportunity to bring my experience and skills to a company whose values are closely aligned with my own. Stryker's values of integrity, accountability, people, and performance are very much in line with what I consider to be essential to me on a personal level."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Wonderful revision - any interviewer should find it simple to draw a connection between yourself and what the company needs/values.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "The reason I chose Dollar Tree to work for is that I’ve been researching Dollar Tree; the stocks are always going up. Plus I’m aware that Dollar Tree owns its old company called Greenbrier that supports all their needs, and the Dollar Tree has great room for moving up in the Company. Not to mention you just bought one of the other big companies Family Dollar a few years back, which tells me that this company is going to be here for a while."

      Lauren's Answer

      Your research of the company is a great quality to share with the interviewer. I assisted with sentence structure and alternate wording. Great response!

      "I have done extensive research of the company, and have seen so many positive business advances. Dollar Tree seems to be a stable financial franchise due to high stocks and its affiliation with Greenbrier. The company is a huge, recognizable name, which is very attractive to me as a job seeker. Being part of a well-established organization gives me confidence in the business structure and practices."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I am excited about this opportunity because I would be working for a company that cares about others persons wealth, and well-being. I am looking to broaden my spectrum and dive into this position as an asset to the team."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Try being more specific when mentioning that you want to broaden your spectrum. What does this mean to you?

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