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1. When did you know you wanted to be a Certified Nursing Assistant?
2. How would your patients describe you?
3. If you were unable to get to work on time what would you do?
4. You need to move a patient but they are a little too heavy for you. What do you do?
5. What is your experience with blood glucose monitoring?
6. How would your boss describe you?
7. Are you able to work night shift?
8. Can you tell me about a time that tested your patience?
9. Would you encourage others to become a Certified Nursing Assistant?
10. How do you deal with a confrontation with a co-worker?
11. Why do you want to help people?
12. How do you manage work stress?
13. What are your salary expectations?
14. What do you know about our facility?
15. One of your co-workers displayed poor bed-side manners. What would you do?
16. Would you be comfortable working a night or weekend shift?
17. Describe your favorite patient.
18. Describe your least favorite type of patient.
19. If you had a patient that insisted their personal hygiene was fine and it wasn't what would you do?
20. Walking with patients at times can be boring, how do you make it more exciting?
21. A patient insists on hitting his call light all night. What do you do?
22. What is your experience with maintaining reports, records and logs as a Certified Nursing Assistant
23. What are a few technical skills that you excel at?
24. What is one interpersonal skill that you excel at?
25. Why do you feel it is important to have a positive attitude as a Certified Nursing Assistant?
26. Is having a sense of humor important as a Certified Nursing Assistant?
27. How is teamwork important as a Certified Nursing Assistant?
28. How do you show care and compassion to your patients?
29. Tell us about a time that you demonstrated patience with one of your patients.
30. How do you feel about supervising others?