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Kiln Operator

Kiln operators are also known as kiln firemen. Kiln operators work in a wide range of industries, from material processing facilities and educational institutions to industrial manufacturing units and craft workshops. While their specific tasks may differ depending on the industry they are employed in; their main responsibility includes operatin...

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten teachers prepare younger students for future schooling by teaching them basic subjects such as math and reading. Kindergarten teachers help students learn and apply important concepts. Many teachers use a hands-on approach, such as the use of props, to help students understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and develop criti...

Kitchen Helper

Kitchen helpers work directly under the head cook or kitchen supervisor. Kitchen helpers perform a variety of tasks in the kitchen, from assisting with food preparation and cooking to food handling and storage. In some kitchens, they may also clean all dishes, silverware and cooking utensils and make sure the food service stations, tables and di...

Kitchen Manager

Kitchen managers are responsible for overseeing the operations in professional kitchens and ensuring that everything runs smoothly with minimum mistakes, accidents, equipment problems and staff issues. In addition to the overall supervision, kitchen managers also assist in ordering and purchasing products when necessary. During rush hour they p...

Knitting Machine Operator

Knitting Machine Operator have the skills and expertise necessary for setting up and operating knitting and textile machines that perform a wide range of textile-related processes, from manufacturing to finishing.To work as a knitting machine operator you must have thorough knowledge of textiles and you must also have knowledge of setting up and...