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1. What would have to change about your current job, for you to stay where you are?
2. What experience do you have with snaking clogged up pipes?
3. What training do you have in plumbing?
4. Do you prefer your water mains be pvc or copper?
5. Have you ever changed a toilet before?
6. Have you ever installed a shower with multiple shower heads? How did you keep water pressure high?
7. What advantages are there for PVC water mains?
8. What license do you have as a plumber?
9. Have you ever plumbed an office building?
10. How many years experience do you have plumbing?
11. We run a credit report and background check are you ok with that?
12. How many houses have you plumbed before?
13. What do you enjoy most about being a plumber?
14. How long do you want to be a plumber?
15. If a customer complains their house has too little water pressure, what steps would you take to fix this problem?
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