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What experience do you have with snaking clogged up pipes?
How to answer
This answer will depend a bit on your level of experience. You could give an approximate number to the interviewer or talk about your level of comfortability with this common plumbing task.
Answer examples
"I have been plumbing for the past 8 years so I can safely say that I have snaked hundreds of clogged pipes. I am very comfortable with a task such as this."
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User-Submitted Answers

What experience do you have with snaking clogged up pipes?
I have done a lot of snaking toilets and pipes as I do maintainenece for housing and I am a caretaker for my building.
Use flexible pipes and high presure water.
A lot, with various types and sizes of augers.
Don't have snaking pipes.
My men uses electrical self feed snake for sewage or grease cloggs.
Quite a bit, done a lot of digging up and unblocking drains.
I have snaked kitchen, lavatory, and main lines.
I did help in changing some blocked pipes. Some pipes get crushed because of roots.
I have opened many snaking clogged up pipes which were deeply closed in the past while I was working. Even dough I was know as a plumber guy in my resident area while I was helping our neighbor to open their toilet.
More than 5 years working with clogged pipes.