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Is there any other trades you are looking to learn?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a plumber interview

If you do not have an interest in gaining an additional trade, that is okay. You can answer in a way that expresses interest in other trades without feeling like you need to master them.
Basic answer example
"There are many trades that I would be interested in learning but the one that I find most fascinating is electrical. Being an electrician would have been my other trade of choice, asides from plumbing."

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Is there any other trades you are looking to learn?
I have an interest in all building related trades as being a plumber you'll find you have to work side by side with every trade so its good to have knowledge of other trades ..
Is to learned more improve and latest materials used in plumbing.
Not currently. I would like to focus only on plumbing until I finish school and obtain my master's plumbing license. After I may want to learn HVAC or electrical.
Currently I am 3rd year Civil Engineering students and I have a certificates by first level Electricity.
Building trade or a electrician.

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