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If a customer complains their house has too little water pressure, what steps would you take to fix this problem?
How to answer
Be sure to answer this question by including the troubleshooting steps you would take in this instance.
Answer examples
"If a customer was complaining of low water pressure then I would first do some troubleshooting to find the source. I would check all of the taps in the home to ensure that they all have the same flow level. I would then check the shut off valves and look for water leaks. Once the issue was sourced, I would fix it from there. Prior to starting the job, I would refer to the customer and let them know what needed to be done."
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User-Submitted Answers

If a customer complains their house has too little water pressure, what steps would you take to fix this problem?
I will check first pump system.
I think there a leak in the pipe lines.
Check main is open fully then check other vales in home starting at the hotwatertank ect.
First I would see if they had a pressure reducing valve and see if it needed to be ajusted or replaced. If no reducing valve then I would check all the faucets in the rest of the house to eliminate the posability of maybe a bad or clogged faucet. Lastly if all else fails recomend a pressure increasing pump.
Check if the pipe used to take water to the house are of the right size if not change pipes to size that can increase the pressure.
Check for a leaking pipe.
I will fixed in pressure booster pumps.
1st I will check all the pipe lines bore.
Check for build up in aerateros and restrictions in pipe look leaks in the yard or under the house.
Water line block so pressure pump and use.
Check the main valve.
Pressuer increese in boostr pump.
Check pressure, check main for leak, check valves open.
First check the pump if is working, then check the water line.
Depends on there water system check valve posiion pump.
I would relocate the water storage to high ground or turn up the pressure.
Check under inside and outside for broken pipes or leaks. Check pump system.
First need to check pump if there have a air lock so need to release that otherwise need to check the pipe line.
I checked the pipes and I checked also a main pipe when I found a problem, I work on that .
Check pressure regulator check water softener and filter.
Check the pressure and put the pressure valve.
I try to check first the water source and line if there are any foreign objects of is there are leaks to be repair.
Check for clogged lines, old water heater, make sure all valves are open fully.
If the whole house had low water pressure, I would check the water meter first to see if it is functioning properly. I would also check for any leaks on the main water supply.
He can used a water moter.
1st. The water pressure that comes to the house 2nd. To check the pipe line and fittings. 3rd. Then install water tank above the house 4th. Install small water feed pump to increase Pressure.
Tell them to get a new plumber.
Check arrerators and check also the valves to make sure they are on full.
Check water pressure at the main leading to the house, check the pump.
The first thing I would do is look at what kind of pipes do they have, then put a water gauge on the incoming and show them what type of pressure they have.
I will check the line and reduce the gate valve.
First is to check if there is no blockage on the pressure valve and the other option is to put the booster pump.
First of all I go to if pressure pump available working r not and then go to valve condition fully open r partially open and then finally go to pipe condition if any clog r block.
Identifying what is causing the problem is the first step toward properly repairing it. Although, in some cases, you will simply have to troubleshoot the problem by exploring all of the possible causes and making the necessary repairs.
To check whether every thing working properly or not.
Water tank increase in hight.
Could install a pump of sorts or try and increase the pressure coming into the house and also the height of any tanks.
I will check all resources that can be cause the water leak, then the sources, meters...
Check the pressure valve for any blockage, the taps erators and check what kind of pipe is installed at the house.