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Tell me about your post-secondary education. What was your favorite course? Which was your most challenging?
The duties of a newspaper editor require strong attention to detail in the way that language is used. To choose your favorite course, think about a class where you enjoyed paying attention to the use of language. To choose your most challenging course, think about a class in which you made a big leap forward in your education as it relates to planning, revising, or reviewing written content. Choose courses where you're able to demonstrate growth in areas that are important to the publication and department you're applying for. For instance, some newspapers may focus on politics while others may focus on local news, or you may be applying to edit for the food section or the human interest section. When possible, bring examples to life by relating them to benefits to the newspaper or department.
Answer examples
"I really enjoyed my creative nonfiction course because it taught me many different ways to convey a single truth, which I think is going to be a great asset in the human interest pieces. And the most challenging course was poetry. In that class, I learned how to do close readings and how to give effective constructive criticism, which definitely will help the writers turn in their work faster."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your post-secondary education. What was your favorite course? Which was your most challenging?
I have been on the newspaper since the beginning of freshmen year, and I have only missed maybe 2 meetings. I am dedicated and will be at every meeting.
I am doing bba from kinnaird college.
I did my education in yuvakshetra college and I have worked as a junior editor in a renowned newspaper too.
Completed my bachelors in english literature, currently doing my M.Phil. In my second year which will focus on my thesis also related to editing.
First class honours degree, diploma in journalism, photography course, bi-lingual.
I attend the University of Trinidad and Tobago, where I am pursuing my BA in Literature Education. I am in my second year I am training to become a secondary school teacher.
I studies Business Communication and worked at a publishing company and small magazine as a student journalist. I loved every moment of my experiential training year and acquired great experienced with researching, finding new angles for articles, checking content, interviews, etc.
I am currently in my second year studying journalism.