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Wildland Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers
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What makes you the most qualified for this position?
User Submitted Interview Answers
My determination and passion. I do not look at being a wildland firefighter as a job I see it more as an oppertunity to help and protect our forests and wilderness areas.
Because I have experience in firefighting, I know a lot on what to do during a fire and I have a long line of firefighters in my family.
I am very motivated as Hotshot. Seeing a difficult task completed safely and professionally gives me an enormous amount of pride. I have always loved team sports and watching a group of firefighters come together to pull off a mission is exhilarating. I am good at team-building and leading by example for younger green firefighters.
Finding enjoyment in my job with challenges that add to my strengths pr.
I am young eager to learn anything I love working out and staying in shape. I want to be a good positive role model to this community.
Because of my work ethic and determination. I truly enjoy working hard and putting 100% effort in everything I do. I am also a very determined individual, if I am asked to complete a task you can garentee that it will be done right the first time.
I am flexible with a schedule, will be reliable to finish any objectives.
I am the best woodland firefighter for you because I have an interest in firefighting, I enjoy the outdoors, I work good as a team.
Because I want to keep my crew mates safe, and get the job done in a way that is efficient, and that no one will get hurt.
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