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Wildland Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers
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Tell me about your leadership abilities.
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I like to think of myself as a leader that sets the example. I am not going to ask my subordintares to do anything that I have not done myself. I do not believe to can fully lead if you are not 100% confident in how the job should be done.
My leadership abilities as a senior are adequate to good, in my opinion. I enjoy mentoring younger firefighters to show them how to be more efficient, and to pass on little pieces of information to make their jobs easier and them more productive. As a senior in charge of a couple firefighters or an entire squad I am comfortable carrying out assignments given to me by a squad boss or foreman. I don't always have a lot of patience for people who don't take the task seriously so I try to motivate the group early on to mitigate low enthusiasm or bad attitudes. I can be a little bit of a micro-manager if I see room for improvement or a task being performed is less than how I expected it to come together. Communicating my intentions of what I want to see done has been something I have been working on these last few years and improved greatly. Having the experience in the job and knowing how to express the intent to crew members has made me a much better senior firefighter. I strive to give very clear intent, and concise instruction.
My leadership abilities appeal to my mindset as in you are only as strong as your mind & ability to make decisions.
I take a huge respnsibility into being a leader because so many more people look up to you to make the right decisions in a high stressful situation.
I plan, motivate and deliver.
Able to take charge if needed and and make sure everyone is safe.
I like to take charge and lead by example.
Able to take charge and make sure everyone is safe.
Communitive, honest, team player, awareness, empathy, accountability.
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