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Have you ever been overloaded with work?
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Yes but I think it is one of those things that a person really needs to go through. It pushes the limits you thought you had and shows yourself that you can do more than origionally thought. AS cliche as it sounds it also build character.
Yes, absolutely. It happens quite frequently when a supervisor gives you a position of responsibility and experience and help are the only ways to handle it and get better at it. Delegating responsibility to other trusted firefighters and breaking down the task(s) into manageable sizes (or contacts, or area, or work-load) are some of the ways I have learned to handle being swamped with work.
Yes, but I think it is something everybody faces at one point in your career. But its one of those things that you just need to step back set priorities stay focused, and organized, and plow through your workload.
Yes I just do whats more important first and do it one step at a time.
Paper work sometimes piles up. Especially when rolling numerous fires or after a fire assignment.
I have been under stressful deadlines pertaining to school, coaching and my job, which all took time management skills to over come.
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