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Wildland Firefighter Interview Questions and Answers
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Describe a difficult project and how you overcame it?
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Changing the tire on myb engine that I worked on it took us about 30 minutes to figure it out then we had no problem on changing it although it was thousands of puonds.
The simplest yet most difficult thing we do. Gridding. Last season I was asked to take all of our rookie crew members (7), 2 second year hotshots and one long time senior to carry out a 300 foot wide grid for spot fires in Alaska. This was immensely challenging as it was the majority of of the group's very first grid. I was able to make it work satisfactory by placing my senior on the leading end of the grid, placing a 2nd year on the other end, and another 2nd year in the very middle, and giving very plain instructions. "Keep a spacing as close to 35-40 ft as possible from your left side, follow the persons movements from your left side, and pass on any message given exactly how it was given to you. Shout out periodically to the person on each side of you to maintain aware of their location to aid in spacing and verbal communication. Call out any spots you find and ask for as much help as you need to take care of it." With this much instruction we were able to get under way and I found that having my senior lead the grid, and me "floating" up and down the line to critique and answer questions was the best method to accomplish the grid and smooth out any hiccups.
Working at Lowe's we had to unload a 1300 hundred or so truck with 2 of our guys out for the day and no real relief to help at the time. The way we overcame it was working harder and faster. We kept everything as organized as possible and made sure that no matter what the other 2 guys were doing we maintained one man in the truck at all times.
We cut line all day and I was exhausted but I kept pushing thinking of my family at home.
Being completely anchorage of the fire cache in rock springs. I did everything I could that I knew I could do; organize, create inventory monthly packets, keeping everyone up to date on what was going on. If I found myself needing help I asked right away and or delegated if the work load got too much.
I had to coach 150 kids at once, so I had to organize the session plan efficiently, carry out teh tasks fort eh kids in an easy order to understand.
My first submission for my eagle scout project got denied, I went home not sure what to do or how to react after thinking about it, I decided the best idea was to start over with more details and a better action plan. Shortly after I went before the eagle board and my project was approved. We went ahead and complete the project and I was awarded the highest rank of the eagle.
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