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Web Developer

20 Interview Questions & Answers

What was your least favorite website you've created? Why did you feel this way?

Example #1
"My least favorite website was one for an organization with views and policies I didn't agree with. Regardless of my beliefs, I still had to create the website which they ordered from the company for which I was working. I put my personal feelings aside and put forth my best efforts to create the website they expected. The result was that we delivered the website to their specifications on time and within budget. I learned to put the job first and my personal feelings second."
Example #2
"The least favorite website I had to work on was one in which the customer injected their own design elements which conflicted with best practices for web development. I worked hard to explain this to them and to provide examples of how we could improve the look and function of the website. However, they were adamant about their personal preferences and insisted I do it their way. I complied with their wishes and finished the project."
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