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Web Developer

20 Interview Questions & Answers

Tell me some considerations in selecting a font size for an adaptive web site?

Example #1
"There are four considerations when selecting a font for an adaptable web page. The first is readability. The font must be clear and easy to read. The second criteria is mood and message. An example of this is using bold or all caps, which can be interpreted as shouting. A third consideration is font metrics. This refers to how the font interacts with itself and its surroundings. Finally, the web developer must consider how the font looks in various browsers and devices."
Example #2
"The four key elements web developers must consider when choosing a font are readability, mood and message, font metrics, and cross-browser and cross-device consideration. Each of these criteria will determine the appearance of the web page, its ease of reading, and its ability to look the same across multiple devices or browsers. This is important because it contributes to the impact of the page and the objective the developer is attempting to achieve with their design."
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