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Web Developer

20 Interview Questions & Answers

How does the browser determine where to place positioned elements?

Example #1
"Browsers use the CSS property known as position to determine where to place elements on the web page. There are several position and commands which CSS uses. These include static, relative, absolute, and sticky. Static refers to a position command in which the element is in the same place regardless of the browser. Relative will position the element as an offset to one of the edges of the page. Absolute is similar to static but can be adjusted to more accurately position the element. Sticky is the command used to move an element relative to a single offset point within the page."
Example #2
"There are four CSS commands which establish the position of an element within a web page. These are static, relative, absolute, or sticky. The commands are somewhat self-explanatory. Static maintains an element's position in the webpage regardless of how it is rendered. Relative will move the element as an offset to one or more of the borders of the web page. Absolute maintains the element at the same spot regardless of how the web page is rendered or what browser the user is using. Finally, sticky moves an element within the webpage, relative to a single offset point noted in the CSS command."
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