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Why should we hire you?
Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. We recommend reaching out to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You'll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you insight into how to answer this question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your co-workers, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
I think I have an extraordinary skill set, great adaptability and I have loads of experience and I would love to share my skills with a growing company.
You have no choice, by my mind.
My experience 15 + years.
No disrespect to the other, but I am the best suitable candidate for the job.
I realize that I must fit a role to help achieve the bottom line.
I have the skill set for the position.
I am a detail oriented person with the vision several steps ahead. I have a positive and engaging approach to the team that builds trust and development opportunities with the associates.
Because I make sure I align myself to the mission and vision of the company and see exactly where I fit it, and evaluate myself upon how this could increase my skills as a leader, and with my experience and work ethic, can prepare me to be an even greater leader.
I am dependable and you can cont on me from the start to the finish.
Because I have the experience required to do this job. I can step right in and do it with minimal training.
Because you to to try my knowledge .
You should hire me because I will be a excellent asset to your organization. You have a culture here that I believe I will fit well in with. Your company has values that I value as well. I have the skills and experience that you are seeking in the candidate for the position. I have the ability to meet and exceed the goals and objectives for the position.
Because of the k owl edge and history I have with the jdw contract. I've worked in all areas. I feel I am a assert to the company withy you desranfing of the customer needs.
I have the qualification relevant experience and core skills to contribute.
Because I have the skills, knowledge and vast experience to make a difference and input to the company.
Once again I'm an all-rounder I can train staff, update the inventory system and ensure that the warehouse is kept in a well kept-manner.
Because am the best candidate for the job.
I have plenty of warehousing experience. I'm a great team player with great communication and problem solving skills that I not only want to share with my team but with the company.
I use to work at a moncks corner nurse.
You should hire me because I meet all expectations that are required aswell as a strong background in working at a warehouse.
I am commited to my employeer and am willing to put in the effort as needed. I am focused and determined to be the best I can be for the sake of the company.
I have the skill set for this position. I have the passion for this position. I want to work for your company. I want to be a part of your continued success and growth.
I would be a good fit for company, with focus on customers, company and associate success.
I am a hard worker, I changed my career line and studied a second degree just to reach my goals in a scientific way, and I am also well organized and know AHS environment.
After nearly 10 years in Supervisory roles I still get up each morning looking forward to the challenge. I am still motivated to make a difference and get the end result. I can build departments in a positive direction that will be commented on by other stakeholders.
Because I am motivated young person who looking for opportunity to progress.
I know the essential duties of the warehouse manager. I know where to find the resources if needed. I care about the companys mission and vision to see this company succeed in the future.