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What was the most difficult employee situation you found yourself in? How did you overcome the problem?
Supervising employees can come with all sorts of challenging situations! Have you ever had to let someone go for theft? Have you ever had an emotionally challenging situation such as an employee passing away outside of work or a life-threatening illness? Have you ever had an employee who did not understand right from wrong? These all make solid examples for this question. Begin by telling the interviewer a high-level overview of your scenario. The key is explaining how you worked through the scenario to make the best of the situation. Explain what steps you took to work through the problem and how that scenario helped you become a better supervisor.

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User-Submitted Answers

What was the most difficult employee situation you found yourself in? How did you overcome the problem?
An irate customer not happy with a product and trying to return it. through the process something was worked out but I was paired up to assist him in finding the replacement. After not having the item stocked and checking for the customer with all the available methods, I had to inform him that we were un-able to fulfill his request at the time and he could either return to do the transaction once we re stocked the item, or process everything and have the item delivered once off backorder. The customer was obviously not pleased and wanted his item pulled out of thin air. No answer would please the man so the only way to handle the situation left was to calmly tell him that the two opotions given to him were all Best Buy policy would allow and that I unfortunately am unable to do more.
Not following procedures. Discussed with the person first. Then emailed daily requirements to individual so could have evidence if went further. It did so there was a verbal warning, then note to file and ended up on a performance improvement plan.
One of employees was conflicting with other and colleague who was prove his was wrong hi denied and was invite union to defend him but we have prove his wrong and I was facing disciplinary action.
Getting into a heated argument with a subordinate. I stayed calm. Gave a few minutes to cool off and addressed the problem head on.