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What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
We all have things we can improve on, so do not be afraid to share them. The interviewer will likely take note of your greatest weakness and may even provide you with additional training or mentoring if possible to help you excel. The interviewer wants to hear that your weakness is not critical for the job you are applying to. Think of something you could improve upon that is not necessary for the job, and openly share it with the interviewer. Next, share what things you have done to improve upon your weakness. The key is to have a plan! The interviewer wants to hear that you work through your weaknesses and do not allow them to be stumbling blocks. Simply share 1-2 ways you have worked on your weakness. This might including doing something to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, attending a seminar/workshop, or finding a mentor or coach to help you.

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
Talking in front of a group people when I was a lead had to talk in front of a group took time and practice.
Probably tact. I tend to be straightforward, sometimes too much.
I have empathy on people which I believe people take advantage of.
Wanting to learn all aspects of a new opportunity as quickly as possible to make an immediate impact. Learning to absorb information in segments and build upon the previous segment as I move to the next one.
I can honestly say that I am a perfectionist... I always want things done right, and what my ideal of perfection is. understanding that sometimes things just happen and are out of my control... But learn to be flexible and still be efficient in accomplishing the goals.
I am a person who is very hard on myself, always expect myself to do more till the job is finished.
I believe my biggest weakness is wanting to help anyone I can help. What I mean is I am willing to take on task that are not my job. I want to learn all I can. However, that has helped me get promoted or even asked to help in times of need in other department. I have been know as the "go to person" when help is needed.
Making documentation, self learning .
My greatest weakness is being a work alcoholic. I am improving this weakness by utilizing time management.
Care too much. But in caring so much ensure the job is done to its full ptential.
Am too emotional...... Have improved on my emotional ability.
I am starting to ignore people with negative comments.
My greatest weakness is to be a perfectionist. I am pushing my self to over look minor details that unnecessary to quality and quantity of the project.
I have trouble deciding to go at the task aggressivly or take a back seat to the issue.
I do to much for my employees and it spreads me too thin to be as effective as I could.
I am sometimes a stickler for small details that don't matter as much. I want to try and prevent from always assuming my way is the best way to do something.
Patience, I am driven to achieve results, I am working on doing a better job to listen, ask more open ended questions, and take time to access the situation.
It used to be I didn't like confrontation. Now I make sure I have the data to back me up and I have no issue.
All ways keep in touch with all operations and all ways get involved every where and if we have any issues I am all ways involved to sort them straight away to achieve results but that taking time.
Caring too much. Making others care just as much as I do about their job and making this a positive place to work.