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What is your greatest strength? How does it help you as a Warehouse Supervisor?
What things have you repeatedly been complemented for? What are the common positive comments you receive on your performance reviews? These can be great starting points for identifying your greatest strength! Share one of these things with the interviewer stating that others have told you this is your greatest strength. Next, share how this strength will help you as a supervisor. You might say something like this, "I have been told by past managers that my greatest strength is my ability to strike up a conversation with anyone! As a supervisor, this will help me build relationships with my employees making us a stronger team."
Answer examples
"I have been told by past managers that my greatest strength is my ability to strike up a conversation with anyone! As a supervisor, this will help me build relationships with my employees making us a stronger team."

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your greatest strength? How does it help you as a Warehouse Supervisor?
I perform very well under pressure especially when I have deadline to meet locally and internationally. internally I am a good planning, organizer . I pay Strong attention to detail within the warehouse. Safety is also my priority within the warehouse.
I have the ability to multi task and can optimize people by understanding their personalities.
My greatest strength is my people management and by ability to pay attention to details. These skills helps in the daily management of warehouse staff as well as report generation for my bosses.
My ability to communicate effectively and clearly with the team in a positive and constructive manner. People know what is the work flow will be today and in the near future as well as they can come to me at any time and will be given honest feedback on their performance or concerns they may have.
One of my greatest strengths, and that im a diligent worker... I care about the work getting done.. I am always willing to help others in the team.. Being patient helps me not jump to conclusions... Patience helps me stay calm when I have to work under pressure.. Being a diligent worker.. It ensures that the team has the same goals in accomplishing certain things.
Supervising, assist my co workers, work with them.
I respect all employees. I can get my employees to do their job by motivating them and praising them when needed. I like to train by explaining why a certain job needs to be done a certain way.
I cant handle under pressure, fast moving account . always 100 % accurate stock in our warehouse .
My great strength is my desire to succeed, I am self-motivated. I believe being self- motivated is the first step to success. Having this strength will help you start and end your goals. As a supervisor your team is always looking to you as an role model. I must display the qualities and be the role model that I desire my team to be.
100% commuted attention to detail. I am very approachable to all colleges. Try and problem solve. Have a good relationship ship with the work force. Motivate my team.
I think my managerial approach towards tasks and people can help me to stand successful for this position.
I`m a person people and great team player . This strength helps me to be a good supervisor.
My greatest strength is that I am a good problem-solver I assess the situation and see where to go from there.
I have logical and analytical skill, ability to leadership role and mange task as it comes....
My greatest strength is being a team player. I stay late and help finish order so that the next shift that comes in isn't overloaded with too much work.
Because it would be a pleasure to work here.
My greatest strength are verbal communication. This skill gives me easy access to any employees do to my ease of communicating with different type of employee characters.
I have great people skills and have a good understanding of what my resonsabilities are for my position.
I'm a people person and I like to work towards bringing the best out of people at work and in life.
I am good with people and my type A personality helps ensure a safe, efficient, minimal mistake warehouse.
Ability to see the task through while staying focus on the associates and companies best interest. Provide a safe work environment where the associates and proud to work achieving the best results possible for the companies effenciency.
I always like to learn and apply what am learning. I also like to be innovative and come up with new processes and I believe this will help enhancing the process of work.
Planning and operating discipline. It helps me to react quickly to any change to me or my departments operational requirements. It also allows me to give sound advice to management on logistic related issues that affect site.
Planning I all ways like to have schedule and my plans looking forward to achieved success with no failing attitude.
Organizational skills. I can put in place structure, assist in training, communicate and build morale amongst the employees.